More rumbling on the train

Ah, a no meeting day! Yippee! Yesterday for some reason I was clobbered with meetings, and that was even after playing hooky from two of them in the morning.

Last night I got into it with this woman on the subway. I was on my way to class and the train was very crowded. Unlike a lot of dumb fucks, when I get on the train, I don’t stand by the door, blocking the way. I push as far inside as I can, which was what I did last night. I saw a space, albeit tiny, and made my way there.

Then this woman kept getting in my way. Glancing at me, she moved in front of me every time I tried to move to the space I had my eye on. So I did what any enterprising New Yorker would do: I squeezed past her, into that space, thereby creating room behind me.

Her reaction? “You could say excuse me.”

Why, cuz you’re the queen of England? I said, “You saw that I was trying to get in here.”

“Why don’t I just get right off this train?” she said. “Why don’t I take a taxi?”

“That would be nice,” I said before I knew it.

Is it me or them? Not sure anymore.

MB and I are both in town this weekend. Yay! Need to get me some more furniture for his place, which before me was sort of, um, spare. I already have a desk. Still need a comfy chair and a dresser.

Last night we saw The Bank Job. It was an entertaining heist movie. We both thought the actress who played Martine was very strange-looking. Like her cheekbones and chin were extremely exaggerated, and her lips were very pronounced, and it looked like she had trouble moving the top one, though it didn’t seem like she had any work done. We hope to see Horton Hears a Who! this weekend.

Off to lunch.


  1. I love your subway encounters, because inevitably you have the balls to say/do stuff that most people probably wish they could.

  2. I am waiting for the day you end up in a subway brawl ;-) I’ll keep my eyes on youtube.