Register for summer and fall classes – check!

Place Craig’s List ad to sell furniture – check!

Send thank you card and small gift (a box of Neuhaus chocolates) to the very nice librarians at my site visit – check!

Go crazy with interviews – check and check and check!

Library School

My school has the worst student registration site. What we had to do was fill in this “worksheet,” email our advisor – which turned out to be just the office assistant so who knows if she actually checked anything – wait for his/her approval, THEN register for classes.

Also there are separate searches for classes and sections. Like you could pick a class for summer session 1, only to find out it’s not available during that term. Good usability. PLUS on top of everything the whole system was down at peak registration time.

Luckily one of my classmates told me about her whole experience so I knew what to do. I will be taking:

Summer 1: Web design. Wanted to take Digital Libraries but no one else signed up for it so it was canceled.

Summer 2: Electronic Collections and Services.

Fall: Information Technologies & Information Sources and Services.

The summer classes are compressed so instead of just one day a week for two and a half hours, they are two days a week, three hours at a time. Pretty intense. But I have all of August off, yay!

This week I had a total of five interviews, two for that communications manager position, two for digital marketing, and one for a new position, project manager in compliance.

Both for communications manager went well; I am crossing all of my fingers and toes.

The first one for digital marketing was stupid. The guy just went on and on and on about the position and the website that I’d be managing, and then proceeded to tell me all about his own background. I talked for maybe two seconds.

But the second one, which I had this morning, went well I think. The woman and I got along and had an interesting conversation, and she said a few “very goods.” She also made the position sound more appealing than I thought it was from my first interview.

The one for the compliance project manager position was yesterday, and went well too I think, similar to the first one had for communications manager. When they scheduled it with me, the assistant called and said, “This is Whomever from Corporate Compliance,” and I thought, What did I do?

I’m glad to have all the interviews, but I want to KNOW NOW if I got any of those jobs. I had an extremely annoying meeting with my boss (and others) yesterday, and I just sat there silently. I really don’t care to fight the fight anymore; all of this bores the shit out of me. And my boss continues to micromanage and be paranoid.

I don’t know if the possibility of getting another job makes me feel better or worse about my situation. I think better in general: when I imagine a new position with the people I’ve met with, I get very happy. But in contrast my current stuff seems even worse.

Furniture Craziness
People are so annoying. Most are reasonable – can I see a picture of that chair? – but some are just unbelievable. For instance, regarding a time for a pick up:

Her: How about after work on Friday?
Me: Okay, how’s between 5:30 and 6?
Her: Okay so I’ll be there at 5:15 tonight.


Her: Actually do you think you could bring the tables to my workplace?
Me (What are you smoking?): No.

Supposedly this person is coming tonight at 5:30. We’ll see.

Other dumb questions:

Any ladies’ clothing available?

Yes, let me get that for you in a size 12.

Would you consider delivering the book cases [which btw are almost 8 feet tall] to the Bronx?

I’d rather leave them on the freaking street for birds to poop on. In fact I’d rather pay someone to leave them on the street for birds to poop on.

I do have a reasonable buyer coming in tonight, taking one bookcase and my desk. He has tools and a car and everything. Yay!

Missing MB
He’s away on business till tomorrow night. His company has had some, um, issues lately so he’s on the lookout for something new. Right now he still has a job but he feels little loyalty what with the way employees have been screwed over while la-la-la management traipses off with their millions. Meanwhile those whose pensions were tied up in stocks have nothing now. :(

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