It’s unofficial


Would you please confirm that your manager is aware that you are interviewing for our position. Once we receive your confirmation we will be able to begin the offer process.


This is for the communications manager position, the one I really want. I was getting so down about my job yesterday, I emailed the HR person, just asking about timing re: the decision, and above was her response to me.

It’s kind of weirdly worded – it took me a second to realize she meant the offer was for me!

My boss was NOT happy when I told him. In fact he was borderline unprofessional. He didn’t try to hide his unhappiness at all, and then said, “You should have told me sooner, now I can’t backfill your position,” which is BULLSHIT because what, I tell him I’m interviewing and he starts looking for my replacement before I get the job?

Only now he realizes how much will be left hanging after I leave. Yesterday we had a more civilized conversation, starting to work out my transition plan and who would take over what.
The timeline? Next week he’ll get the official call from HR, after which I’ll get the official notice, at which point we’ll work out when I can leave.

This changes my whole attitude. Now I feel much more energetic because I know there’s an end in sight, and want to wrap up my projects as tightly as possible.

I’ve been telling way too many people before the official word is out, but I can’t help it. :)

One of my other coworkers has also been particularly annoying. He has a vision on how I should be doing one of my projects – yes, MY project – and has come in assuming that nothing has been done, and keeps stopping by with his ideas.

I want to say, “Dude, I so don’t care cuz I’m outta here!”

To tell the truth, I don’t care anyway. I was actually quite candid with him and said this project was one of the more boring ones to me, but he keeps saying, “This is a golden opportunity! You should feel passionate about it!” Did I just not say I found it boring? If I need to force myself to feel passion about something, that’s an issue.

This has been my situation for quite some time: people thinking I should feel more passionate about marketing, and the fact that I JUST DON’T. The only one who actually listened to me was my old boss. He said look at your strengths and decide where to go. He implied that it was okay that I wasn’t into marketing.

Everyone else says, “Give yourself my credit! You’re smart enough to do it!” What difference does it make how smart I am if the subject bores me to tears?

And I’ve been equating my lack of interest as a shortcoming on my part. That I wasn’t a good enough worker, that I didn’t belong here at my company, that I just wasn’t good enough. After speaking with the people I’ve interviewed with for my new job, I realize that’s not the case. The woman I talked to on Tuesday basically said she thought “strategic thought” was bullshit. There’s this document out about our company’s plan for the future. She picked it up from her desk and said, “I’ve read this six times. I sitll have no idea what it means.”

YES! Someone like me! Someone who thinks corp speak and business thought is total bullshit!

This woman is no dummy either. She has a background in both finance and communications, and came over from a large tech company. She was also great fun to talk to.

I can’t wait to tell my annoying co-worker I’m leaving.


  1. Yay! Congratulations! I’m so happy that you got the job you wanted. :)

  2. ooooo, congrats!!!!