A new noodle bar called Slurp just opened in my neighborhood, which MB and I were both excited to see. Usually we go to Ramen Setagaya, but it’s eight blocks away, which isn’t far but sometimes around the corner, which Slurp is, is nice.

So far I’ve been to Slurp twice, once with MB and last night on my own for takeout. Both times I’m afraid I wasn’t that impressed. The crispy rolls were good, but my pho was mediocre. The first time I had a spicy beef and last night the oxtail, and both times the meat was horribly fatty and gristly. Inedible in fact.

Now I like some fatty meat, but melt-in-your-mouth fatty, like the pork medallions at Setagaya, not as chewy as a wad of rubberbands. And for $14, a bowl of mediocre, gristly oxtail pho is so not worth it in my book.

Now if only Setegaya would move eight blocks closer to where I lived.

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