You say it’s your birthday

Well, actually it’s mine. :)

My thirty-sixth year, the year of the rat. Yikes! Closer to 40 (!!!) now than to 30. Wow, I think I just felt a lung collapse.

No, but generally I feel happy and grateful. The new job, the boy, school. All I need to do now is start writing more again.

MB’s gift to me was cooking dinner, but he got mixed up on the date and did it last night. He was so annoyed at himself at first, but quickly got over it.

“It’s my birthday eve dinner,” I told him.

He made lovely salmon steaks, steamed artichokes, and sweet potato fries. For dessert we had little cakes from our favorite pastry shop.

I guess I am not too picky when it comes to birthdays. My ex would always get me nice jewelry, but I’ll take lots of affection and attention over jewelry. There was one birthday my ex completely forgot – not even a happy birthday or anything – and that was devastating.

Tonight MB and I are going out to dinner for a second birthday celebration, long noodles for a long life.

“It’ll be a tradition,” he said. “I’ll make you birthday eve dinner, then we’ll have noodles on your birthday.”


ES is in town this weekend, and we’ll be having lunch and hanging out this afternoon. Yay! Tomorrow, the ‘rents.

There goes the other lung.


  1. Noodles, yummy. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!! :) When you’re year rolls around again, it’s auspicious so I wish you the best this year! :)

    I think it’s tremendously sweet his birthday meals arrangement with you. :)

  3. i’ll take jewelry AND affection. ha.
    just call me a diva.

  4. “I’ll make you birthday eve dinner, then we’ll have noodles on your birthday.”

    LOVE IT!! :)