Trucking along

My move, my current job, the spring semester – funny how all of these things are wrapping up at the same time.

First, the move
The woman moving into my apartment took a look at my furniture on Tuesday, and she’s taking most of it. The couch, the TV and stand, a chair, a dresser, and a large desk I keep in the kitchen. Yay! Getting rid of the couch and TV would have been such a pain.

I need to get rid of: the coffee table, two boxes of books, one box of kitchen stuff, two vases, and a broken down shoe cabinet, which I’ll have to take apart. Since I have half-day tomorrow, I’m going to spend all afternoon taking care of this stuff.

It just hit me yesterday that I only have till next Wednesday to finish everything up. I still have to:

Change my address, though the woman said she’d let me know if anything important slipped through, and I’ll go pick it up.

Cancel my cable, which means undoing all the equipment and dropping it off at my cable company, which, luckily, is close to work.

Cancel my Con Ed.


Funny how those last few things can sneak up on you like that.

The job
You think I didn’t care before? I so don’t care now.

I had a transition meeting with my boss on Monday, and now I know: he will be super annoying till the bitter end. A lot of what I do, like I’ve said before, is very operational. For example, uploading documents to a website, making sure we have enough materials for our educational programs, and dealing with issues that are small but can still keep a program from running properly.

My boss has it in his mind that the director of operations in sales will be willing to handle these small, tactical things.

A director. This means she’s three levels above me.

She did volunteer to own the website, which she’s been wanting to get her hands on for some time. But I know her: she wants it so that she can make all the business decisions on how it’s designed, what information is on it, etc. She won’t want to sit there uploading frigging PDFs and implementing HTML. I don’t think she even knows how.

My boss is retarded.

Also another one of my “projects,” which isn’t really a project, hence the quotes, is purchasing these e-guidelines and licenses for this online tool. All it is is coordinating the purchase. We do the same thing every year. But does he have an easy answer for how to proceed?

“Well, I think we should have a meeting with this person, and this person, and this person, and this person, and discuss how it’s being used, and determine how we should use it, and what’s the best way, and – “

“Do I need to be involved in this?”

I don’t, thank God. My boss said he’ll be, quote, a nice guy, and take it over himself.

If I ever I’m in a leadership position, what I’ll do is surround myself with highly competent people I trust, and you know, TRUST THEM, and let them do the work. I do this now. I have a budget coordinator I’d trust with my life, as well as someone in operations. They are awesome and I let them run the show. My boss’ philosophy is to get into nitty gritty details, and to know as much as those people. Well, then what about my own job?


Oh, did I say that already? My bad.

So my first semester is coming to a close. This Monday I have a term paper and presentation due, and I’ve only started the research. I think after midterm I felt sort of pooped out, and have been slacking. But at least I know what I want to write about, and have just a few more articles to read.

Tonight I have to schlep out to Brooklyn for class. It’ll take me an hour to get there, dammit.

The final for that class is on May 8. It was supposed to be on May 2, but the teacher will be at some conference. That’s okay. That means that after I turn in my term paper and give my presentation on 4/28, I’ll have some free time before May 8. Then first summer session starts the next week.

Okay, back to work.

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