Very sleepy

For some reason I couldn’t sleep last night. MB and I were out late – we saw Harold and Kuamr Escape from Guantamono Bay, very entertaining – and didn’t get back till almost 2. Then I just lay there till almost 5. I think it was all the Hi-C I drank at the movie theatre. All that sugar.

Aside from the movie, I spent most of the weekend working on my term paper and accompanying presentation. Friday I typed up my research notes and ideas. Saturday I was at my parents’ house. We spent the afternoon shopping – got some new shoes – but that night I wrote the majority of my paper, finishing it up Sunday morning before heading back to New York.

Sunday afternoon I created the presentation, and today I polished off the paper and rehearsed my presentation once. Should be okay. Presenting to my classmates is very different than presenting to 500 sales people.

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