Yay, one class down!

So last night I handed in my term paper and gave my presentation. We had the option of yesterday or next Monday to present (all papers were still due yesterday), so of course I went with yesterday to get it overwith.

I guess my presentation was fine, though my argument was probably a little flimsy at the end. And I was totally under the 10 minute mark. I was coming to a close when I suddenly realized the professor hadn’t given me even the 2 minute warning, and so I slowed waaay down. Came in at about 8 minutes.

Now I have some free time till my final for Knowledge Organization on 5/8.

As for right now, I am totally skipping a meeting. My boss has the tendency to set up meetings with vague titles and no agenda. It’s like if this has no immediate bearing on my job, I’m not going. We also have a team meeting soon. Blah. What I hate most is my boss’s “around the horn,” during which he makes everyone talk about their projects. For me it’s always like, “Well I redesigned this page on our website, and I got some stuff through review committee.”

In team meetings with my old boss, if you had something you thought everyone should know, you put it on the agenda. You didn’t waste everyone’s time talking just because you’re expected to talk.

Speaking of my old boss, I ran into him at the cafeteria. He’s really happy for me in my new job, and went on about how my current boss is “delusional.” He heard that my old boss is posting for positions one to two levels higher than mine, which I’d seen on the job boards. Again, someone at that level is not going to want to do the nitty gritty stuff associated with my job, and again, my boss has refused to listen. Even my old boss agreed the team needs not just one but two operational people. Glad someone agrees with me.

In other news, I got my renewed driver’s license in the mail today. Yay! When I sent in the request, I sort of felt like I was sending it into a black hole. But just two weeks later, I have a brand new license. Now I just need to renew my passport.

Also canceled my Con Ed account, and put in a forwarding address request on Friday. TCOB!

Today will be my last day in old apartment. I’m going there after work to throw out the last batch of stuff, and take with me a few random things, including my cable box. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

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