Friday mishmash

Last night we saw Iron Man. It was very cool.

Robert Downey, Jr. is the man. He totally made the movie. Also, the action was nicely spaced out. MB would prefer 2 hours of nonstop fight scenes, but I liked that the middle slowed down a little and built up to a good finale. The only thing I didn’t like was Gwyneth Paltrow’s character, who couldn’t decide if she was a smart, efficient assistant, or a ditz in stilettos.

There were some good previews too. What looks promising: Prince Caspian, The Incredible Hulk, and You Don’t Mess with Zohan (in a stupid way). What looks bad, unless the payoff is very very good: The Happening. What’s up in the air: the new Indiana Jones. That came last and compared to the other trailers, it seemed quiet and old-fashioned. But who knows. Either way, lots of movies to see this summer.

We got back very late and didn’t get to sleep till 3. Tired again.

Tonight there’s a birthday party – the girlfriend of one of MB’s friends. I’ve met her once and have no idea how old she is. I know his friend is about 29, so she could easily be 10 years younger than me. Yikes! I think I’ve mentioned that MB is little more than 2 years younger than I am. I don’t think about it when we’re together; it’s more like we’re the same age. But then I think about it, and it’s kind of hot. ;)

This weekend the theatre near us has midnight shows of Alien. We are so there. I’m psyched because I’ve never seen it on the big screen. In fact, I’ve never seen any of the Aliens on the big screen.

I’m finally officially all moved into my new place. Tuesday night MB and I went to my place, and threw out a bunch of last minute stuff, including a few big pieces the new tenant doesn’t want. Luckily MB was there because I wouldn’t have been able to bring down the shoe cabinet, coffee table, and surprisingly heavy microwave. We were done within an hour.

As we left I felt a little sad. After all that place has been home for the past three years. I got to know my neighborhood and neighbors. The old guy who ran the antiques store next door, the Chinese lady who ran the laundromat and with whom I sometimes chatted in Mandarin, the young guy at Le Pain Quotidian who served up my mochas on the weekends.

While MB’s neighbordhood is cooler and less stuffy, I will miss lots of things about my part of town. The Park especially, being just a few blocks away. The plethora of delis and bagel shops. The chain clothing shops (so I’m not so cool).

There must be delis in MB’s neighborhood, but I’ve yet to find where I can get a standard coffee and bagel, instead of some fancy schmancy pastry and too expensive Americano. There are clothing stores in his area but they are all super expensive boutiques.

What I won’t miss in my neighborhood is the very expensive laundromat. $3.50 a load! MB’s is just $1.50. I didn’t even know I was being ripped off. I also won’t miss the people, who are mostly snooty high-rise dwellers with BMW-like strollers or else lots of plastic surgery (sometimes both). The LES neighborhood is more of a mix – hipsters, long-residing artist types, Indian families, Chinese families, and people like us.

Another good thing about MB’s ‘hood is that people tend to want to hang there more. It’s a challenge to try and get people to come uptown. Plus now I live near YP, yay! We are basically on opposite ends of Houston Street.

The end of a single girl era. Three years was quite enough time to get to know and love myself again, and to explore life and what I want to do. I’m ready now for whatever happens next.

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  1. Cradle robber!!! Sounds like a good new place to usher in a new era :)