I feel a cold coming on. Goddammit.

It started with MB’s friend’s houseguest from last weekend. The houseguest had a cold, who gave it to MB’s friend, who gave it to MB, who has apparently given it to me.

I’m gonna try to fight it tooth and nail. Vitamin C, green tea, and exercise. Sweat it out.

Even with MB under the weather, we still managed to get out and about this weekend, the first in about four weeks that we’ve both in town with no plans. Friday night, like I had written, we saw a midnight showing of Alien. We’ve both seen the movie a gazillion times, but it was fun to watch it on the big screen. It was also funny to see the now outdated special effects.

Next weekend is Blue Velvet, which we may or may not see, but more importantly, the weekend of June 20 is, drum roll please, a Grease singalong! Aw yeah! Needless to say MB is less than thrilled about the idea, and luckily for him I think he’s away that weekend. I’m going to try my darndest to find a partner in cheesiness to go with me. ES and I went many years ago in Boston, and we had a blast.

Saturday MB and I sat around working on stuff – him on his coding, me on my writing – and then took a walk. We ended up at Saint’s Alp, where I had some noodle soup with cuttlefish balls, we shared a sort of poo-poo platter of a tea egg, chicken wings, and fried shrimp dumplings, and MB had some ginger black tea, good for his cold.

Afterwards we moseyed on over to a bookstore. I’ve finally read all the books I have so it was time to load up on some news ones, namely Kitchen Confidential, and The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, the last two in the Golden Compass trilogy, which YP introduced me to and which I loved.

That night we took it easy and watched Michael Clayton on DVD. It was very good. Kept us in suspense.

Sunday was more working and walking around. In the late afternoon, sort of spur of the moment, we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I haven’t done that in years and years. It was fun though a bit chilly.

When we reached the other side, we went to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. The line wasn’t too long and my vanilla chocolate chunk was delish!

On our walk back, MB, who had been feeling better during the day, started to feel sick again. All light-headed and weak and such. But we made it back okay, taking frequent bench breaks. Luckily it doesn’t take too long to walk across.

I really hope this cold doesn’t come full blast for me. In the middle of the night I woke up with a sore throat, which was how it started for MB. Right now I feel okay.

~ ~ ~

So my new job starts in two weeks. While I’m being a complete slacker at my current position (what else is new?), I’m a wee bit nervous about the new job. After all it’s been NINE YEARS since I’ve had a new job. My current position has changed and evolved over the years, but essentially it’s been the same.

My new boss sent me some minutes and presentations from some big meeting they just had, so I’ll take a look at those. And he and I have some time set up on 5/20 to talk about my goals and stuff.

I figure I won’t be able to slack for much longer so I’d better enjoy it while I can.


  1. Fight the cold! Sometimes just telling myself that “I’m not getting sick” works. Give’r a try!

    Not much time left to slack? Then yeah, slack away! :)

  2. Nine years, wow! Enjoy the easy life while you can. It’s definitely a shocker to shift to a “real” job, but your brain will thank you for it. :)