I can’t resist

Posting at work that is.

Lots to catch up on. First off, the spider bite is much better. The swelling is all gone, and it’s not really itchy anymore. Now there’s just a pale red splotch. And I finished the antibiotics on Monday, thank goodness. No more upset stomach.

Tuesday I took my first business trip for my job. It was just up to our site in Connecticut, but still a momentous first step. I met with the project manager for this internal website we’re building. She walked me through the whole thing, which was very helpful.

Our company’s office up there is just beautiful. In the hallways are floor to ceiling windows that look out on the harbor. “I see the Gap,” I told my coworker of my own view. “And people smoking.” But at least I have a window.

It was kind of exhausting going up there and back in one day, but fun at the same time. I’ll probably have to do it a few more times over the next couple of months before we launch in August.

Back at headquarters, I’ll also be working on a mini-site for headquarter-specific needs, which will be a link on the bigger site.

Over the weekend, aside from the Battle of the Brown Recluse Spider, MB and I saw a great documentary, Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which was about the use and abuse of steroids. It was very interesting. One of the guys in it – also known as the man with the exploding arm – was at the showing, and answered some questions afterwards. In person he looked bulky but not freakish. In the movie he looked freakish.

It’s really kind of gross how huge some people get, though there is no real evidence that ties steroid use to any sort of diseases, as it’s unethical to do long-term clinical trials. Lyle Alzado said he got brain cancer from steroid use, but his own doctor said it couldn’t be true, and according to the body builder guy who answered our questions, Alzado actually had AIDS. Who knows.

And is it cheating if everyone is using steroids? If everyone’s on it, then it’s a level playing field. But it takes away, doesn’t it? I think that’s why people hate the idea. It’s a contradiction: fans want to see Barry Bonds hit homer after homer after homer, which isn’t humanly possible, but then he’s reviled when it’s revealed he wasn’t doing it on his own.

As for class, it’s been pretty boring this week. We’ve been learning CSS, which isn’t as engaging as the work we did earlier.

Got some new shoes last night. When I moved I got rid of a lot of shoes, thinking, I don’t need these! These either! Then suddenly it hit me that I have almost no summer work shoes. The pair I got are brown leather Mary Janes. So far they feel light and comfortable. And they’re adorable!

On a final note: yay Obama!

‘Nuff said.

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