A new post, finally

Don’t know how I went a whole week without blogging. Wasn’t even that busy last week.

Today is my last web design class. We had a make-up class on Saturday, and so I was able to finish up my project that day and upload it to the share drive. It’s pretty basic, but the teacher said it was good enough. Today we have to “present” it to the class, which just means projecting it for everyone to see, and then walking through it. Not a formal presentation, but still embarrassing.

My old boss continues to annoy me. Normally I wouldn’t mind answering questions, but he asks in such an off-putting way, not even addressing me directly but cc’ing me on a message and addressing me in third person, ie, “Hopefully Anna May can help,” instead of, “Anna May, can you help?” It’s a subtle yet significant difference. He’d do that when I worked for him, but now it’s like, “Dude, I’m doing you a favor on someone else’s dime. At least address me directly.” At this rate, I may stop answering his emails altogether.

Friday YP and I went to a showing of the movie Grease, which was also a sing-a-long. I expected a lot more people to be there, but the theatre wasn’t even halfway full. Some people showed up in costume, which for the guys meant white T-shirts and jeans. There was a costume contest at the beginning. Neither of us had patience for it, especially since it was a midnight showing.

But it was fun overall. In addition to singing, we kept making snarky comments – “Yes, hello, I’m 30 and I’m still in high school” – and pointing out plot holes, like couldn’t have Sandy gotten the message to Danny that she wasn’t going back to Australia? Wouldn’t she have called him right away? Also, what’s the message of the movie? Give into peer pressue and you’ll be cool!

I had had a glass and a half of wine so the next day I was pretty hungover (yes I know: wimp). Luckily my class was at 11. It wasn’t so bad actually. I enjoyed the A/C as a I fiddled around with my website and downed some coffee, and only half paid attention to the teacher.

For the rest of the weekend, MB and I hung out, doing some work, walking around the city, eating. We watched a couple of episodes of Deadwood, which were really good.

Woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. Not so bad, but I went to bed late, around 1, so now I’m tired.

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