Unmotivated week

Short and quiet too.

You know what time it is? That’s right, catchup time!

Friday after work I headed down to school to make a mess of copies. I got as far as the week of July 14 before I started to get really bored and the machine began to make a funny noise. Almost no one was there, by the way. I guess the library’s not the place to be on a summer Friday afternoon.

For dinner, MB and I wanted noodles at Ramen Setagaya, but it was jam packed! A line out the door, which we’ve never seen before. We thought we were the only weirdos craving hot noodles on a sweltering summer night. So instead we went to Dumpling Man. Packed again! Luckily we were able to find seats. Red Monster chicken dumplings, yum!

Afterwards, we saw Wall-E. I liked it a lot, though it was a bit sappy for MB. Not me. I totally had a tear in my eye at the end.

Saturday was laundry, hanging around, walking around. We also saw Expired, which was just okay. I liked the actors, but Jason Patric’s character was such a jerk, it maddened me that she stayed with him for so long. Plus their relationship was so reminiscent to me of my own past relationships: the guy says mean things, the girl is upset, he suddenly does something super nice, she forgives him, he says something mean again. . .etc. Way too familiar.

Sunday I got up rather early to meet up with YP. I brought over my drill for him to borrow to put up his new curtains. No such luck. It was all harder than anticipated.

Instead we went out for brunch at 12 Chairs. The food was good – I had blueberry pancakes – but the service was awful. We got seated right away but the table was dirty. I had to ask three or four times before finally getting water. And our waiter kept standing around doing nothing. At one point he looked totally lost. Meanwhile we were waiting to order, this older couple were waiting, and other tables were still dirty.

After that we headed out to the Gay Pride Parade, and I have to say: it was really boring. I expected a lot more fun, lavish, outlandish floats, and while there were a few of those, there weren’t nearly enough. There was a lot of people just walking, holding banners. Plus it was so freaking hot and humid, AND I forgot my hat.

We stayed for about an hour, then headed down to Chelsea for a drink. Since I felt kind of dehydrated, I went non-alcoholic and got a pineapple juice. At the bar, YP spotted a guy who had also been eating at 12 Chairs, and we struck up a conversation (he also thought the service was horrible that morning).

He was very nice but also quite young and maybe not so smart. He was from Israel and had just finished film school, and for his day job sold hair straighteners in a mall in New Jersey. He kept saying people couldn’t believe his own hair – which looked something like a cockatiel’s – was curly, and invited us to feel a curly part vs a straight part. (It wasn’t as weird as it sounds.)

Just as we were getting ready to leave, a bunch of drag queens came in and sat next to us. I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture. YP said that when he returned to get his forgotten umbrella, a guy was introducing one of the drag queens to his friends:

“This is the Famous – the Famous, um – ”

Beignet!” she cried. “Like the donut, bitch!”

Wish I had witnessed that.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted but still had homework to do. Plus MB and I were both hungry, so we grabbed our stuff and parked it at Whole Foods for a while. I was totally falling asleep over my reading. Had to get up and walk around Whole Body and sniff products.

I did get to my finish my reading that night. Afterwards, at home, we watched this Korean movie, Sorum. We thought it was a horror flick, and kept waiting for scary stuff to happen, and when it kept not happening, we were like wtf? Turns out it was more of a thriller, but not very thrilling. Except for the very end, it was pretty boring.

The other night we also watched Ringu 2. Neither of us had seen Ringu (which the video store didn’t have), but I’ve seen both American remakes, so I thought I’d be set. I had no idea what was going on. “Who’s that?” I kept asking, as though MB had inside information. “Why is she doing that? Is that ghost or a real kid?” Only some parts were scary.

Last night we watched a slew of South Parks, which you can download for free from their website. That’s a damned funny show.

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  1. Hey, just stopping by to bitch and moan on your site :)

    Move to Prague! I’ll come visit! Isn’t it great to be able to live anywhere? Although we can’t move to another country (at least not yet!), we have been thinking about Seattle — no income tax = instant raise!