The weekend thus far

I keep thinking it’s already Sunday.  I’m so glad it’s not.

Wednesday was completely dead at work.  As usual they announced we had a 2 PM closing at the last minute, noon.  By then I was at the gym.  Afterwards I ate some lunch, did a tiny bit more work, then left at 2:30.

I can’t even remember what MB and I did.  We must have taken a walk – and, oh yeah, he was all pooped afterwards from too much heat and sun, and so we took a long nap.  Very nice!

That night we saw Tell No One, a very good French thriller.  It actually made sense, unlike other French movies.

Thursday was a homework day.  Although I had the day off from work, I still had class, boo!  But it wasn’t so bad.  We talked about online exhibits, and the professor showed us a couple of cool ones.  Plus she let us out at 8:30 on the dot.  The class is supposed to go till 9:20, but she agreed that three hours and 20 minutes was a very long a time.

I just checked my grade for the Web Design class – A-, woohoo!  I was expecting a B+ or lower.

Thursday night MB and I saw Hancock.  It was entertaining but also kinda dumb, especially the so-called “plot twist.”

Friday we had to get up relatively early – ie, at 10 – to head out to my parents’.  As you may recall, MB has already met them, but this would be his first visit.  We managed to get out of the house by 12, and were lucky enough to catch the 12:14 train.  It was packed!  Who knew so many people would want to head out to New Jersey on the Fourth of July?

Overall the visit was painless, mostly because MB took all my parents’ prying questions and unsolicited advice in stride.  After dinner as we walked outside to try to catch a glimpse of the fireworks we kept hearing (no such luck), he said, “I figure your parents have the right to ask me whatever they want.”

To me it seems old-fashioned: Well, you’re with our daughter, let’s hope you have a future. After all I can support myself. But it’s nice too. My ex never thought my parents had a right to ask him such questions, and he’d always get annoyed and insulted.  I think it was because deep down, he didn’t really think I was good enough for him or his family (ie, not Korean, not from a rich family), and that he was only deigning to be with me.  Either way, it’s nice to be with someone who actually values me.

In addition to all the questioning, we brought MB to the mall, which he was excited about.  “I haven’t been to the mall in ages!” he said.  I bought some shorts and a T-shirt at Lucky Brand Jeans, all 50% off, plus an additional 25% off.  We looked at the puppies and other pets at this pet store, and played with some gadgets at Radio Shack.  He also managed to run into someone he knew from his old workplace.  How random.

I also played some piano for him.  He’s really into music and always trying to get me to play, but I can’t remember anything.  So I played a Beethoven sonata that I really liked playing in high school.  It was fun and out of character for me: I usually don’t go out of my way to perform for anyone.

My mom made a fantastic dinner of broiled whole fishes, jumbo shrimp, stir friend chicken with pine nuts, and Chinese broccoli, which MB really liked.  After gorging ourselves, we watched some stupid TV, then hopped on the 10:15 train back to New York.

I was pooped but MB was just getting his second wind.  So we saw a midnight showing of The Neverending Story.  What a crazy movie.  Although I was tired, it was nice to go out and do something just the two of us.

Today has been lazy.  It’s raining, a good fit for our mood.  I started working on my memoir again.  Gotta get cracking!  Tonight YP is having a comedy show – a naked comedy show, I should say.  Oh brother.  I’m so glad MB is going with me.


  1. “it’s nice to be with someone who actually values me.”

    Such a simple thing, but it’s amazing how many people don’t have that! So happy that things are moving along swimmingly!

    Sounds like a pretty decent visit with your parents too. The food sounds amazing!!!

  2. i remember a quote from somewhere that says “we accept the love we think we deserve.”

    you’re clearly at a point where you feel you should have that kind of love in your life.

    good for you! : )

    pee ess: lucky brand jeans at fifty per cent off? – w00t!