The days were just packed

It was a fun and busy weekend.

Saturday, before we headed out to YP’s naked comedy show, we went to Sam Ash and got some gadgety electronic thing to feed MB’s music addiction. I don’t really get it, but he gets hours of fun out of it so that’s good.

There were a lot more people at the show than I expected. We got there early, and there was almost no one there. But then suddenly the waiting room was crowded.

Several guys got naked in the audience. Usually there’s just one weird old guy with a pageboy haircut, but this time three youngish men across the aisle from us disrobed. MB squirmed a bit.

“I hope they clean off these seats,” he said before I assured him that the nakedness was restricted to one side of the theatre.

The performers were also funnier than I thought (but just as funny-looking in their nakedness). We sat in the back since I was paranoid that the comic who embarrassed me so much last time would be there – and he was! Thank goodness MB was next to me.

After the show we went with YP to grab something to eat, then walked home together, very convenient since YP’s place is on the way to ours.

Sunday, after some work/lounging time in the late morning/early afternoon, we did some shopping, namely shorts for MB. I thought I had seen a lot of guys’ shorts at Urban Outfitters, but there were hardly any, and they were pretty pricey at $40+ each. We had much more luck at Filene’s – in fact the choices were overwhelming. MB got several pairs for $19.99 each.

I wanted some sandals so DSW was our next stop. No success for me. Although there were lots of choices, my size was nowhere to be found.

Later that night we saw The Wackness. It was quite good, better than I expected. Ben Kingsley in particular was pretty hilarious.

This morning I’m very tired. I’ve started taking the allergy medicine my doctor prescribed me. You may remember that I had this cough, and thought the inhaler she gave me might help. Maybe it did a little. But then one night I had a bad case of the hives (hives are a usual occurence for me), and popped a Benadryl. For the next day and a half, not only did I not have any hives, I didn’t cough, which made me think it was allergies after all.

That’s a long way of saying the allergy medicine gives me a restless sleep. I sleep but wake up every few hours. Annoying but better than coughing I guess.


  1. benedryl always gives me the weirdest dreams. i like my allegra now but the insurance won’t cover it anymore so now i have to find something new, sigh.

  2. love the Calvin and Hobbs picture that accompanies this post.

    You guys always seem so busy. I feel lazy by comparison.

  3. zerodoll: i agree benadryl really does something to the head. too bad about your insurance! i’m on allegra as well, and it’s been better lately, ie, more restful sleep.

    running42k: you, lazy? with all the running and biking and cooking, and time with your family? no way.

    as for us, we generally sleep in forever, and don’t leave the apartment till late in the afternoon.