School’s over for the summer! Which means just a month of no classes, but I’ll appreciate every free weeknight.

I had my last Electronic Resources class last night. We turned in our final papers (10-15 pages) and gave our presentations. I had created a bunch of slides, but ended up not using them. The vibe in the room was very informal, so I just walked through the site I had written about (the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine), and then talked about different web archiving methods and the legal issues the Internet Archive has faced. I’m glad I did the slides though; it helped me organize my thoughts.

Unlike my Information Professions class spring semester, the E-Resources prof didn’t time our presentations, so the first one went on for half an hour. Although I thought there might not be time for all of us, I volunteered to go second. I’d rather just get that kind of thing overwith than sit around being nervous. I went on for about 20 minutes. The presentations got shorter and shorter, till finally we ended at 9:30, about half an hour later than we usually do. We were all pretty pooped by the end.

We do have one more session next week, to make up for the one the prof missed, but there’s nothing to prepare and it’s just 90 minutes. It’ll be at the New York Public Library, and essentially the teacher will review the NYPL’s electronic resources with us.

I can’t believe I won’t have any homework to do this weekend. Just fun reading and working on my memoir. Right now I’m reading A Freewheelin’ Time, Suze Rotolo’s memoir about life in Greenwich Village in the 1960s, as well as her relationship with Bob Dylan. MB got the book after we saw I’m Not There. It’s just okay so far. Too much telling, not enough showing. But the subject matter is interesting.

This weekend is MB’s birthday. We didn’t plan anything big; I’ll treat him to dinner at his restaurant of choice. I did get him a gift though. Cafe Press lets you customize T-shirts, so what I did was take the logo from MB’s blog and a couple of funny lines he’s written, and put them on T-shirts. The one with the logo turned out pretty good; the quote ones are hard to read, but oh well. It’s just for fun, and I think he’ll get a kick out of it.

We will also probably go see a midnight showing of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior at some point. I’ve never seen it, nor the first one. I’ve seen the third one though, Beyond Thunderdome, though it seems real Mad Max fans don’t like that one, the way die-hard Star Wars fans hate Return of the Jedi.

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