Nice, homework-less weekend

Though there were times I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

Friday afternoon I left my office around 2 to work out. Afterwards I grabbed the bus home, but made the mistake of not eating something, and got really car sick. I didn’t barf or anything, and felt better after I got home and ate a little something.

That night we saw Frozen River. It was a really good, tightly woven story, with good performances from the two main actresses. It was also pretty dark.

Saturday we slept in, then spent the morning just lounging around. It was so nice not have any homework assignments. I did some laundry and read my fun book and wasted time on the Internet. I do wish I had worked on my writing.

Again, I can’t really remember what we did so we must have done our usual: walk, eat, talk. The weather was weird that day: hot in the early morning, then rainy, then cool, then hot again. We had both overdressed for the hot part of the day, and I for one was extremely grouchy and wornout by the time we got home, and ended up napping for almost an hour.

Later that night we saw the midnight showing of Road Warrior, as planned. It was definitely fun, and now I want to see the first and third ones.

MB was born at midnight so I gave him his gift after we got home. He liked the shirts a lot and said he’s going to wear them at his next conference.

The next morning I read and surfed the Net again. Worked on my writing a tiny bit. Then we headed out for MB’s eye appointment. He’s getting glasses finally. He looks really different with them, though in a good way, the way he looks so different depending on if his head is shaved or not, if he has a goatee or not.

In the afternoon he was meeting up with a friend so I took that opportunity to head uptown and go to Bloomingdale’s for some beauty products. Through my credit card I build up points for every dollar I spend, and what with paying tuition for school, I’ve built up quite a few, enough for gift cards to Bloomie’s and Sak’s.

That day I got a couple of Kiehl’s shaving things for MB. The Kiehl’s saleswoman was very annoying. She was all up my ass as I was browsing – I had to tell her TWICE that I didn’t need any help – and then when she was ringing me up, she kept looking around for other customers, only half paying attention to what she was doing.

I wanted to get something from Philosophy for myself, but for some reason they are no longer at Bloomingdale’s or Sak’s. So I headed down to the Sephora on 50th Street, stopping on the way for a rejuvinating Jamba Juice (Aloha Pineapple) and bag of “puffed” chips, which were delicious by the way! I ate them while relaxing in a Border’s.

At Sephora I was as usual overwhelmed with all the choices. Well, not overwhelmed. More like appreciative. I also like their soft sell technique, only helping when you ask. At first I was all set on getting my Philosophy moisturizer, Pigment of Your Imagination, SPF 20, but then I started looking around and decided on something different, DDF’s UV moisturizer with SPF 30. I got the one for sensitive skin though my skin is only sometimes sensitive. Oh well. SPF 30 is good.

For MB’s birthday dinner, we went to Lan, which MB has decided is his new favorite restaurant. We both had sushi/sashimi dishes, which were really good, but what was amazing was the appetizer, a miso infused filet mignon “tataki” with parmaseano reggiano. The meat was cooked perfectly and the miso sauce was unbelievably tasty. Dessert was good too. I had a white chocolate mousse with berries and some kind of liquer sauce. The mousse was extremely light, more like a gelatin than a traditional mousse.

Afterwards we rented a couple of movies, The Secret of Nimh, which for some reason MB was in the mood to watch again, and Tin Man, that miniseries that was on TV last year, I believe. But by the time we got back, it was 11, and I was too pooped for a whole movie, so we watched a South Park instead.

Back to work!


  1. oooo, i’ll actually be in NYC later this week for a wedding. maybe we’ll go try Lan. did you need reservations?

  2. no, we didn’t need them, but we ate on sunday/weeknights, pretty late (after 9). but the place wasn’t too full at that time. hope they stay in business! ;)

  3. sounds nice. i love those kinds of weekends. it’s nice that you and MB are getting along! best to the both of you!

  4. Simple weekends are the best with all the things we have to do these days. I feel like I can much better appreciate your trips to the beauty counter now that I’ve recently visited several. I love the smells of Philosophy’s breakfast bundle – belgian waffle, cream, and cafe au lait. Yum!