The city empties out

For Labor Day weekend. I guess this happens every year, but I’m always amazed when it does.
Last night for instance the streets were almost dead when usually on a Thursday night they’re overrun with drunk idiots. But as MB and I made our way back from seeing the awful awful
Babylon A.D, there was almost no one.

We were both disappointed by the movie. The premise was promising, and it started out okay, but then the ending totally fell apart and turned incredibly cheesy. And Vin Diesel should really not try to act. Just be tough and a smart ass, and take off your shirt and beat up some bad guys. That’s all I ask.

We don’t have any big plans this weekend, thank goodness. I think we’re both sort of pooped with packed weekends. A couple of weeks ago it was Nashville, and last weekend was the spa day/dinner with my mom and aunt. We’ll try to get massages at that Chinese place again, and maybe hit the Met or another museum.

I was looking back through some writing odds and ends, and found last September’s horoscope:

Romantically, this month will mark a real change over the frustrating conditions you’ve experienced over the past two years. If you were not able to meet anyone, no matter how hard you tried, Saturn in Leo may have been to blame. Saturn will leave this position for the first time since July 2005. Finally, after two years, Saturn – the planet that would rather see you work than play, and the planet that asks for certain sacrifices – will no longer have sway over your love sector. Glory be! Saturn’s not due back until 2036!

There’s one more reason to anticipate the very best when it comes to romance. Venus has been traveling through your love sector in weak and sleepy retrograde mode, but will awaken and become lively from September 8 onward. Until Venus leaves your true love sector on October 8, you will have a full four weeks of bewitching fun. Dear Aries, for the first time in such a long time, you have the right conditions to allow love to bloom. Don’t let old disappointments color your expectations. You are looking at a whole new situation – I promise!

This is from Susan Miller. It’s really weird because 1) just a few weeks after I read the horoscope, I met MB, and 2) it was exactly July 2005 that I began dating, or trying to date, after separating from my ex.

In other news, today is very dead at work, though someone from overseas needs something “urgently,” though I don’t think I have it. I asked my boss about it. If I don’t hear from him by this afternoon, I’ll just send what I have and follow up on Tuesday.

Classes start next week! Boo! I like school but I love free evenings and weekends.

I should go to the gym but I don’t want to. I want to go to the Gap.

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