School days

Classes started this week. This semester I’m taking the last of my required courses, Information Technology and Information Sources and Services.

I know several people in Information Technology, including that crazy old bat from one of my first classes, who also happens to be in my group. Dammit! That’s what I get for arriving late the first day.

The teacher has a sort of negative reputation. Rumor has it he’s made people cry. But keeping that in mind, he doesn’t seem too bad so far. Also, I’m glad I took that web design class over the summer – I’m used to trying to follow someone who’s going very quickly. And he’s not going to stop to help anyone out, that’s for sure. First class he had us save a web page as a .htm, no biggie, but the old bat couldn’t do it. She interrupted saying, “Can you help me?” and he said, “No, I’m sorry, I can’t. There just isn’t time.” Kind of mean but also kind of awesome.

We won’t be using Dreamweaver or Photoshop in this class; he wants us to code by hand. That’s fine by me. So far I find writing HTML easier than using Dreamweaver.

My other class was yesterday, and lasted all of 40 minutes. The teacher had some minor emergency (a sick daughter), and the class was sort of blah. I was surprised to see that about 3/4’s were newbies. I recognized just one person.

Oh, and the A/C hasn’t been working properly in the classrooms. It has been positively roasting.

In other news I just booked our train tickets for SG’s wedding in DC at the end of the month. Yay, SG! Should be fun. I still haven’t decided on a hotel. I’m tempted to book a more expensive one since it’ll be just one night, but I want to discuss it with MB first.

Next week I was supposed to go up to Connecticut for a tour of one of our facilities, but that night I have class. I thought I could just catch a slightly earlier train to get back in time, but there isn’t one. There’s one that gets in at 6 – class is at 6:30 – but that’s cutting it too close, I think. Amtrak’s usually late.

MB is auditioning for music school today – in fact, he’s auditioning right now. This is something he has always wanted to do, and with the severance package, he’s able to. Of course this doesn’t stop the ‘rents from asking every two seconds when he’s going to start looking for a job. Grrr! He is not your son or son-in-law!!! I do think it’s sweet that they are already starting to think of him as a son, but they need to lay off, for reals. We have more than enough to live on, and right now we want to pursue our dreams, which do not currently involve buying a condo or house.

It has been soooo quiet at work lately. It’s lovely to have all this time to myself to plug along on my projects, but it’s also too easy to get unmotivated.

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