My arm hurts

I think I have Mouse Elbow.

I’ve had it for a while, probably, but only in the past couple of years has it gotten bad. Before the pain would come and go, but now it’s pretty much always there, unless I lay off the computer for several days in a row.

Last night I tried sleeping with an ace bandage. I felt like I needed pressure and support in that area, and while at first it felt better, today it’s sore. In a different way, but still sore. The only thing that helps is taking a break from computers overall. And some Ben Gay, which reminds MB of his grandmother. Romantic.

At work now I almost always use my left hand to mouse, but my right arm still ends up being achy for some reason. My wrist doesn’t hurt at all, just my forearm, around my eblow, and my shoulder.

~ ~ ~

No plans for Halloween tonight, which is okay by me. The only costume I have is last year’s slutty school girl uniform, though I could probably go as a Japanese tourist. I kind of look like one when I wear my floppy hat. Then I’d just need kakhis, a cardigan, and a huge camera, and I’m all set.

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