Vote However You Like

I am loving this video.

The choreography is off the hook!

And yeah, you should totally vote, no matter your choice.

~ ~ ~

MB has finals next week so he spent most of the weekend practicing, which was fine by me since I had a paper to do.

Friday I got out early – last half-day Friday for a while – and after an afternoon and evening of lazing around, reading, and wasting time on the internet, MB and I saw a midnight showing of My Name Is Bruce. It was funny in a dumb way, and really you’ll only like it if you’re a Bruce Campbell fan, which MB is. A pleasant surprise was that Bruce Campbell was there! He just sauntered in before the show started and answered some questions. He was hilarious, acting like we were all freaks for being there at midnight and calling out dumb questions.

Saturday I spent the afternoon at the library, researching my paper. MB practiced the whole day, only stopping to eat and watch a little TV.

Sunday I worked on my paper, which took FOREVER. It wasn’t difficult, just tedious. More practicing for MB. We did take a walk that afternoon, and finally bought a bookcase to replace the one that MB broke months ago. Now we’ll have a place for our books currently on the floor and overflowing from the other bookcase. Yay!

This morning for work we had a global webcast, and it went swimmingly. My first high profile gig.

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