Glad for a short week

For some reason I had trouble sleeping last night. I think I slept way too much the night before, like 12 hours. I wasn’t up till 11.

This weekend was so cold, I didn’t want to leave the apartment. But on Saturday I braved the bitter temperatures and did my site visit at the New Museum.

We were supposed to put in three hours, but I was there only about 90 minutes. The Education Center of the museum is so tiny, and the museum itself isn’t very big. It’s not one of my favorite museums, to tell the truth, especially since I can’t get in for free.

I wrote my paper and presentation yesterday. Didn’t take very long. Now I’m just revising them, and will upload to our group website.

MB and I didn’t see any movies this weekend, if you can believe it. Sunday we took a walk up to Kiehl’s on 13th Street (we both needed product), and back. Later we went grocery shopping. It’s funny how Whole Foods can seem like a mad house, but then you get on line (the regular line, not the type-A express line), and there’s no one waiting.

What a boring post. Oh well.

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  1. boring but a post. sometimes, I wonder if I should even post anything. happy holiday!