Happy turkey day, everyone

Ah, Thanksgiving – showing thanks by carving up a large bird carcass, ingesting too much food, and letting out past and petty grievances with the family. I know it’s one of my favorites holidays.

Actually, Thanksgiving with my parents is pretty mellow (except for the giant fight my mother and I had in 2006), just the three of us and some Mongolian hotpot. This year MB will be joining me. Should be interesting. Luckily he is so good-natured and sees fun in almost everything, even going to the mall.

This day with my ex and his family was always amazingly stressful – all the people coming over, my ex angry about us having to do the bulk of the work, and inevitably my ex fighting with his mom and/or dad. About a week before my eye would start twitching.

Not having to do that anymore is something I am definitely grateful for.

Yesterday at work was totally dead. I did a few things in the morning before getting in one last workout before the long and piggy weekend. Had lunch and tied up some loose ends before heading out to brave the crowds and pick up some wine and dessert for today. I thought I’d go to a couple of places, but Grand Central had everything I needed – apple pie from The Little Pie Company and a couple of reds from the wine store upstairs. I was all set.

And I thought luck was totally on my side when the bus arrived just as I got to the stop. But since it was only about 3, we ended up picking up all these school kids. There were tons and tons of them! And all Asian it seemed. I overhead a high school kid say it was because of P.S. 104, which is apparently almost all Chinese.

They were generally well-behaved, but there were so many of them, they were noisy, and took up a lot of room with their giant, nerdy backpacks and violin cases (I kid you not). And kids 10 to 13 are just annoying I think. They seem to repeat things a lot. “I told you she was on the bus! I told you! I told you! I TOLD YOU!” All right, kid, you’ve told everyone now.

What with the traffic, it took forever to get to the apartment. I tried to get the driver to let me off before my stop – at a non-stop – but he wouldn’t, though by law he’s supposed to.

Later MB and I decided to brave Whole Foods and pick up some stuff to make dinner in case restaurants were closed. It was crowded but not crazy. The check-out line was totally manageable and we were outta there pretty fast.

He made a good dinner of barbecue chicken chunks, steamed string beans, and stuffing, yay! to get in the holiday spirit. I ate way too much stuffing.

For most of the evening we just lazed around, then saw a midnight showing of Labyrinth. I actually have never seen that movie. I think I’ve seen only the beginning and then wasn’t interested. Now I know why: it is a bizarre and trippy movie, and oh so ’80s. David Bowie wears the craziest outfits that totally show his unit. Weird!

Okay, we’re outtie.


  1. happy turkey day, annamay! my boy is from new york originally, and just sent me a sad little email saying how much he misses being home for the holiday.

    your comment about the kids made me laugh. so true!

  2. By law they are supposed to let you off at a non-stop if you ask? How did I never know this when I lived in NY?!?
    Jr. High age kids scare me……and big backpacks and violin cases? That was totally me back then.

  3. I love that movie, and Bowie. Happy Turkey day!