Yay, it’s over!

Not the semester, not yet, but our website presentation is over and done with.

It went fine overall. The first group got TORN APART. They didn’t follow a lot of his nit-picky instructions, and it was very hard to read (red type on black background). We ended up going last, and so knew the corrections we had to make and addressed them. Another group’s site looked beautiful, but at least ours was clear and easy to read.

One particularly ridiculous rule: we have these site visit presentations, and two groups, including ours, uploaded them as PDFs, which look JUST LIKE PowerPoint presentations. ALSO, the professor always does his presentations as PDFs. But for some reason he wants them as PowerPoints! His reasoning? So we can make corrections to it. But if we’ve uploaded them to the site, then they’re done, right? Everyone was very put out. “That’s just ridiculous!” one woman said. I think we were all just fed up with his weird rules that don’t make the websites any better.

Anyway, so our group has just a few corrections to make before we hand in the final version on Tuesday. Of course the old bat who can barely turn on a computer had an incredibly difficult time understanding what needed to be done. I didn’t even try to keep my patience and was practically yelling at her. I feel bad, but I don’t know how much more simply I can explain things. I say it in the simplest terms, I base it on stuff I would presume she knows (via the work she’s done on her website), I even wrote it out on the board. But she has total brain freeze every time. Luckily I don’t have to deal with her for much longer.

Wow, I’m already starving. Time for lunch.

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