Oy, back at work

I didn’t even take any vacation and it’s still tough to come back after the holidays. Two dead weeks and two four-day weekends in a row will do that to you.

The rest of our weekend was pretty mellow. MB practiced music, I wrote and read, and we bought a toaster oven. Or attempted to because after hauling it back from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we found that the grill was missing. That’s helpful! Yesterday MB exchanged it and we tested it out: open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches. . .with bacon. Yup, I’m on a diet.

This weekend ES came down to NJ at the last minute. Yesterday I hopped the train down for the day, the 9:14 AM, which was very peaceful. Oh yeah, I was finally able to update my iPod. Like a dope I had put my iTunes library on my old work computer, which was left behind with my old position. I didn’t think there was any way to copy what was on my iPod into a new library, but MB showed me some software that could do that.

So yesterday on the train I had my iPod with some new MIA, the soundtrack from the movie, The Wackness, and some music I stole from MB, including Lykke Li and Elbow, whom I had never heard of but apparently had the album of the year.

ES picked me up from the train station, and we headed out to AY’s, who was nice enough to make us brunch. We had a lovely spread of eggs, ham, cheese, veggies, and some croissants ES and I picked up. And of course coffee!

brunch spread

Then we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed, and before we knew it we were hungry all over again.

We decided to drive into Princeton and walk around a bit. But it was so cold, we didn’t last very long before ducking into a restaurant and eating some yummy pizza for a late lunch. Then by the time we came out, everything was closed. That’s Princeton for ya!

I was going to take the 5:43 train back, but we ended up having too much fun taking crazy Photobooth pictures with ES’s Mac. It’s amazing how the distorted photos can crack us up again and again. I missed the 5:43 but it was no biggie since there was a 6:14, which gave ES and me time to hang out more, and for her – the sweetie! – to run to to the store and get me a ginger ale since I had somehow managed to get car sick on the very short ride from AY’s to the station.

Got back home around 8. MB and I just hung out watching The Thing, which was quite entertaining. The other night we watched Heavy Metal, which was also entertaining as well as ridiculous. I can see why MB liked it as a kid!

Last night I couldn’t sleep till about 2. I am so tired! But I still managed to get a short workout in at lunchtime.

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