Back finally

Was in NJ for two days but it felt like much longer.

The meeting started at 9 AM on Wednesday so I went down Tuesday night. I thought taking the train wouldn’t be a big deal, but man it was a pain in the ass. I had to switch at Newark where I just missed my connection and had to wait around for almost half an hour. And that is not a nice station. I thought New York Penn was crummy, but that’s a palace compared to Newark. Plus I had my suitcase that I had to drag up and down steps.

The train ride itself was fine. But my station stop was deserted and I had to call a cab, which meant waiting in the cold.

I know, I’m a big fat whiner. If it were for myself, I wouldn’t complain as much, but since it was for work, I feel I have every right.

On the way back to New York yesterday, I hitched a ride with my new boss, who had booked a car. I don’t really know why he didn’t check with me to see about transportation. On my old team, we always tried to coordinate so that we didn’t end up booking a bunch of separate cars.

I’m not sure how I feel about my new boss overall. He seems nice, but I do like my old one better, at least our personalities matched more. He has a softer touch and is more organized and visual, like me. We both need to look at things to understand them, and he’ll often draw his ideas out, which is perfect website work.

My new boss is much more of a talker. For instance, he’ll want to discuss some document without actually looking at the document till finally in frustration I have to say, “Can you please take a look at it and you’ll see it already includes what you’re mentioning?” Plus he’s a big fucking joker. I mean, I like someone with a sense of humor, but the way he jokes around is irritating. I can’t even explain it. What he says isn’t clever or ironic – he’ll just state the opposite of what’s obvious, and then laugh and laugh and laugh.

At dinner this week, he mentioned that if he had to do it all over, he’d have been in sales instead. I say he’s a perfect fit.

The meeting itself was incredibly boring. I don’t think I needed to be there. It was everyone discussing all this shit, when really all I need to know is the outcome so that I can implement it on various websites and whatnot. I don’t need to be on the “journey.” But of course I have pretend to be interested, otherwise I’m not a “team player.” (Barf.) One good thing is my old boss was also there, in his new promoted role, and he praised the work I did on this Sharepoint site, and my new boss was there to hear it.

The hotel was pretty nice though nothing special. At least it was clean and seemed new. And dinner was good though my entree choice, the mahi mahi, was sorta boring. My appetizer, roasted beet salad with arugala and goat cheese, however, was delish.

I didn’t work out at all at the hotel. I had big plans to get up at 6 and get in a run before leaving for the meeting, but I couldn’t get up before 7 either day. This morning I had my follow up appointment with my doctor and found out my cholesterol level is higher than it was last year – over 200. :( Last year it was around 180.

I think the culprit is this delicious Greek yogurt that I had been eating every night for the past several months. MB got me hooked on it. I thought I was being all healthy eatiing something with calcium and live cultures, but I ignored the fact that it has like 10 grams a fat per serving. And I was downing that stuff just about every day.

So I’ve switched to low or non-fat yogurt, and will try to swap out my second cup of coffee with green tea, and have more nuts, fish, oatmeal, and berries. And be more consistent with exercise. This whole year I’ve been pretty lax. Hence, the additional 5-8 pounds on my hips and thighs, and the higher cholesterol.

I hope to check out the Y near my apartment this weekend. They’re offering a free day pass to be used before February 2. Now that I have class Wednesday afternoons, I won’t have time to work out on that day, so I want to incorporate weekend workouts. The Y is only slightly cheaper than New York Sports Club, but it’s much closer to my place. I could go on my way home from class on Sundays.

I can’t believe it’s only 1:15.

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