Lazy, productive, newsy, douchey

The weekend was both lazy and productive.

Both Friday and Saturday MB and I had plans to see Taken, that new Liam Neeson movie, but we were overcome with laziness and ended up staying in and watching stuff on Hulu. Easy to do when it’s freezing outside.

Saturday I managed to get up before 9 to do some homework and laundry, and then just spent the afternoon hanging out till we went out for a late lunch around 3 at Le French Diner. Risotto with vegetables and cheese, yum! Also very filling. I can never eat more than half.

Sunday I got up relatively early again. Last minute homework before class at 1. That day’s session was more informative than the others have been, but the professor still let us out way early.

Which I didn’t mind because it was gorgeous out! Like spring. During class MB had texted me that he was in Washington Square Park so I met up with him there. He had his ukelele. Of course people look as he’s playing, but not as much as you’d think. The park was full of musicians busking or just noodling. One old dude took a picture of MB – and by association, me – without even asking. I mean, I do too, but at least I try to hide it.

I couldn’t get enough of the news this weekend, for some reason. Maybe my Thursday class is making me hyper aware.

Those octuplets. People say the story started out “heart-warming” (and I guess “heart-warming” now means “woman who breeds like dog”). Of course you imagine some couple who has tried for years to have kids, and after fertility treatments, finally has eight little miracles!

But it turns out that the woman is only 33, and she ALREADY HAS SIX KIDS. What the – ? Also, she’s not married, and lives with her parents. What doctor thought it was okay to implant EIGHT embryos into a young, healthy single woman with six kids?

And when the father says he’s thinking about returning to his native Iraq, you know things have got to be bad.

Peanut recall. I had stuff in my cabinet on that list! The Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bars. Wah, in the garbage.

Michael Phelps caught smoking a giant bong. Not that I have anything against weed but Michael, you must have a nice house – do it in private! Jeez. Despite all his achievements, he seems like such a douchebag.

And on that note, what’s the female equivalent of a douchebag? I think we all know about that site, Hot Chicks with Douchebags, but the problem I have with that is that a lot of those “hot chicks” seem like skanks to me.

So why not “skank” as the female equivalent of douchebag? Cuz I think that’s just a subset. There’s also that whole Sex and the City wannabe crowd, many of whom we saw at Penn Station one night when we came back from my parents. Girls in too high shoes, too short dresses, skinny jeans, four in a row, walking arm in arm. “Oh my God, we’re just like SATC!”

Douchettes maybe? I’ll have to think about that.


  1. The octuplets have a Dad? I must have missed that part. When we heard that there was a nanny, we were wondering how she affords all this being a single mom? Is this a case of Medi-Cal and welfare? Frankly, I’ve never considered any of these multiple births a miracle – it’s irresponsible reproduction for selfish reasons.

    As for Phelps, while I can’t feel sorry for him, I can’t help wonder if someone sneaked the picture for a quick buck. As a celebrity you can’t trust anyone.

  2. Just a follow up on the news… the crazy octuplet mom has now hired a PR firm to discuss tv and book deals. Can you say pathetic? It’s ridiculous to reward this woman for her behavior!!!

  3. oops, i meant the mother’s father – so the octuplets’ grandfather. and that could very well be re: phelps.

    oy – you know i’m not surprised that she did that? how much you wanna bet she had this all planned. gross.

  4. HCwD uses the term douchettes, i believe.

    octomom has never had sex. she’s still a virgin and believes she’s doing god’s work.

  5. dalia: ah, i didn’t know that! or maybe i did, subconsciously. here i thought i was being so original with “douchettes.”

    are u serious re: octomom (best. nickname. ever)? i’d believe it.