I should be doing homework

Work has been pretty dead this week, what with my boss and his boss in Europe, luckily for me.

I have just two more weeks of classes, and tons of stuff to still do. Here’s a rundown:

Collection Development

Reading cards. 4 more to go (we’re required to do two a week). Reading two articles this weekend, and the next two before next weekend since I have plans on Saturday and class on Sunday.

Bibliographic report. My topic was “The Problem of Bias in Collection Development.” It’s not due till May 3, but I finished it earlier this week. Compared to my patient satisfaction paper, it was a breeze.

Collection Development Policy. I have just a little more to do. It’s due May 3; my plan is to start it over the weekend and finish it early next week.

Final. May 10. Shouldn’t be bad, if the midterm is any indication. I’ll study that weekend and plus we have a study group after class on May 3.


Patient satisfaction paper. I got an A! I was nervous because I thought the professor might think I was totally off topic, but he actually came up to me after class and told me good job. Yay! For a split second I thought hmm, maybe a degree in public health? Then I took one look at the tuition and changed my mind.

Organization paper. We had to interview librarians about how their library is managed. I picked Columbia’s (I was going to do Cornell Medical School, but someone snagged my idea) and did the interview on Wednesday. It was fine. The librarians were very nice, but I always feel like a doork when I’m interviewing. I hate having to glance down at my sheet for the next question, and then there’s all that silence. I should learn some techniques.

The report is due on May 4. Starting it this weekend and finishing it up over the week. May need next weekend too.

Presentation. May 11. We can present on either our management issue (the patient satisfaction one for me) or the organization paper. I felt inspired after getting my paper back that I put it right in PowerPoint. It’s basically done, but the week before May 11, I’ll rehearse and probably make some changes.

Weekly reading assignments.

People-Centered Methods and Design (aka the Crazy Phenomenological Class)

Reading. One article I forgot to read for yesterday’s class, and another chapter of Closer.

Faces of Innovation Project. Due on May 7, but I’m pretending it’s due April 30. Need to finish reading the book, Faces of Innovation, and then write a report about how the different types are applicable to me, and my strengths and weaknesses. Hope to finish it this weekend.

Poe Project. Due May 7. We have to take a paragraph or two from Edgar Allen Poe’s short story, “The Man of the Crowd,” and recreate it using pictures, video, and/or sound.

There’s a description of people that reminded me of tourists so I decided to go to touristy places and shoot a few minutes of video at each place. Last weekend I went to Bryant Park and saw they had a carousel. So I filmed that for a few minutes (covertly I hope; it might look weird that I’m filming kids not my own).

Then I hit on the idea of things that turn, of people going in a circle, not really going anywhere. This afternoon I’m going to the Toys ‘R Us in Times Square, which has a ferris wheel, and the carousel in Central Park, which I’ll also ride to show that point of view. Along the way I hope to find some revolving doors.

Tomorrow I plan on going to Coney Island and get “spinning” footage there. I’ll put it all together, possibly with narration and music, if it’s not too hard, next weekend.

Corp Speak Project. Due May 7. I need to fix the survey, which we critiqued in class last week, and write up the last two sections. Since it’s all from my head, it shouldn’t be bad. More work for next weekend!

MB will be going to a conference in Prague on May 1 through the following week. As usual I’ll miss him, but it’ll give me lots of free time to do my work. The only plans I have are on May 2, dim sum with a couple of college friends I haven’t seen in a while.

I’d prefer to meet up with them after my classes are done, but one of them will be going to Japan in mid-May, and will be gone basically all summer. Besides it’ll be nice to take a break and have some social interaction, not to mention dumplings.

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