I have: work work, my independent study proposal, this delinquent blog post, but all I want to do is go shopping.

Had a nice long weekend, which now seems ages ago. Friday night we saw Terminator: Salvation, which, like Wolverine, had some good action sequences, but overall was pretty dumb. Saturday we spent most of the day outside, walking around the Upper West Side and having a picnic in Central Park. We also had a late lunch at Spoonbread, our favorite Southern restaurant. Short ribs, mac and cheese, and Spoonbread punch, yum!

Sunday was mostly a work day, coding for MB and writing (finally!) for me. Recently The New York Times ran a piece on Scribd, a document sharing system where authors can sell digital copies of their books. I used to not like the idea of self-publishing, or at least of having to pay to have my book published and handing out copies to my friends, like, “Look at what I did!” But I’ve gotten to a point that I just want to get my stuff out there, regardless of how.

For a while I thought I’d just throw it up on my blog, but since seeing that NY Times piece, I’m curious about trying Scribd out, once my memoir is done. It will be fun to market it via various channels. I don’t expect to make money off it. I just want see what happens.

Anyway, on Sunday for a break, we did a little shopping in Union Square, but it was so hot and humid, neither of us felt like staying at too long. That night AY and her boyfriend came into the city, and I met them for dinner (MB was too “in the zone”). We had tasty Japanese curry and then fancy Japanese desserts. I like Asian desserts since they’re not as sweet. I had a green tea Bavarian cream concoction. It was gooood.

Monday was more working, followed by a field trip up to the new Muji store on Port Authority. Wah wah waaaah. It was big but we weren’t too impressed with the selection.

~ ~ ~

Apropos of nothing, you know when you’re on Facebook and find a friend from high school or college, and you barely recognize them, aside from the fact that they’re trying to squeeze their three kids into their profile pic, and you look at yourself, and you look and feel and act pretty much the same as when you were in your 20s, and you think, What have I done with my life? and I kind of want to kill myself?

Imagine your relief to find that 37-year old Winona Ryder looks almost exactly the same as she did in Reality Bites, and she’s not married and doesn’t have kids, and is still talking about Johnny Depp, and unlike “frienemy” Gwyneth Paltrow, seems to be living a life similar to when she was younger, rather than a pretentious organic know-it-all-y one.

A lot of people of my generation feel like they grew up with Winona Ryder. I was 14 when I saw her in Lucas, and a senior in college when I saw Reality Bites. Our lives pretty much diverged after that – I think it was Bram Stoker’s Dracula that did it – but I’ve always felt like we were living parallel lives. Me, Winona, and tens of thousands of other women our age.

She couldn’t find the right guy (been there), and then there was that whole shop lifting thing (haven’t been there), but I think most of us can identify with those days that you feel you can barely hold it together, like the woman I saw yesterday in her good shoes and wrinkled coat and too much eye makeup, asking shakily for Vietnamese takeout soup in a paper container, not plastic, and when told again there is no paper, just plastic, barely holding it together as she walked back out the door.

I think I’ve been in a stable place for quite some time now, and I hope Winona feels the same way. But still it’s a great comfort to see that, after all these years, we’re in the same boat. Except for the rich and famous part that is.


  1. Don’t forget that you also didn’t go down the Oxycontin road with her (or maybe you did and we will read it in your memoir!). I so loved Winona

  2. oh yeah! the most i’ve done is the unisom cul de sac.