Memoir plug, and Palo Alto

Next memoir installment is up.

On another note, MB got an interview for a job in Palo Alto. It seems promising since they say they’re willing to fly him out there.

I think I’ve written that we’d like to live somewhere other than New York. For a while the shortlist included Amsterdam, Prague, and Buenos Aires. I’m flexible. The only requirement is that MB have something secure set up beforehand since it costs money to move.

Of course I’d totally be down with the Bay Area too. It would be easier, but still different from New York. Plus MB would have more of a chance to get a job he actually likes.

As for me, I’d want to see if I could keep my current job and work remotely. In my department people are scattered all over the world. I only see my boss in person two or three times a week, and I do quite a bit of work for someone in the UK. Hell, people down the hall email me. So I have a feeling it would be okay, but who knows.

And I thought we could live in my grandmother’s empty house in Berkeley, if only temporarily. But I talked to my mother and it’s already been put on the market.

It’s still early yet. MB has yet to have the interviews, but it’s fun to think about.


  1. Wow. As you said it is too early to consider. If you can work remotely, your next "office" could be a coffee shop near a beach… or Stanford. Heehee, after my trip, I could finally understand geographically where you're talking about in New York. Good luck to MB and hope he has good and fun interviews.

  2. Yeah! Move to Cali!

    Also, Palo Alto is pretty far from Berkeley. It probably wouldn't have been worth it even if you could've lived there.

  3. Living in Berkeley would be fun, but I would agree commuting to Palo Alto is a long drive or even longer transit commute. If you want to avoid suburbia (which isn't so bad), you can live in SF.