Enjoying a relaxing 4th of July weekend

Last week was tough to get through, at least the beginning, between being away from work for so long, the jetlag, and my cold. But at least it was a short week.

I asked my boss about working remotely. His reaction? Loud, prolonged laughter. I guess my company is stricter about it than I thought though I learned last night from one of my former co-workers that an admin on her team was somehow able to fenagle it. At least my boss said to build my case and he’d listen.

Tuesday night YP and I saw West Side Story on Broadway. I splurged for orchestra seats, a graduation present for myself, and had invited my dad for a belated Father’s Day gift. No interest. Then my mom said she’d go, but then she bailed at the last minute, saying that I’d be too tired to pick her up and drop her off at Penn Station.

Thanks for the support, Mom and Dad!

Anyway, I’m actually glad I didn’t have to accompany my mother to and from the train station as it was pretty rainy that whole night, and of course YP was lovely company as usual. (Musicals are not MB’s thing.)

The production was very nice, and I got tingles seeing a movie I love in action. My favorite scene has to be at the dance – the “Mambo!” scene I call it – when they start off unenthusiatically going in a circle, then bust out crazy dancing. Tingles!

I have to say the lovey-dovey scenes between Tony and Maria kinda bored me (like they do in the film) though I totally cried during the Anita-Maria “A Boy Like That”/”I Have a Love” scene, as well as the ending. Some of it was in Spanish, including a couple of songs, “I Feel Pretty” and the “A Boy Like That”/”I Have a Love,” which I’m only remembering now wasn’t in English.

MB and I spent the day yesterday working on our respective stuff (coding and writing). That night one of my former co-workers had a going-away party. MB and I went with YP. It was fun though I wish I had had more time to chat (read: gossip) with the gals I used to work with.

Today MB and I will probably tool around the city, if the weather holds up. Last Sunday we had a lovely time walking down to the Brooklyn Bridge, across, and around Dumbo. I wish there was somewhere we could watch fireworks with not a lot of people.

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