TCOB, San Francisco style

For some reason I’ve been having trouble getting into this blog at work.  No problem at home.  Either something is up with my work server, or my version of Internet Explorer is just too old, and I don’t have permission to install the new version.  So now I find myself typing quickly before I lose connection again.  Blah.

The possible move to SF has been dominating my thoughts.  I made the mistake of telling my mother, “We’re going no matter what,” ie, even if MB and I don’t have jobs set up, and she basically freaked out.  I did some quick backtracking and pretended I didn’t say I’d quit my job if they didn’t let me work remotely.  Yeesh.  You’d think I’d learn by now.

I mentioned the idea of working remotely to my boss last week, and yesterday told him our move was a go for sometime in September.  His only experience with a direct report working off-site was a bad one.  The person just sort of announced she was doing it and made arrangements, before getting any approval.  I never assumed that, and had found the guidelines and application a couple of weeks ago.  He seemed surprised there was even an application, which surprised me quitely fankly.

Anyway, I finished up the application yesterday, basically stating my case for why working remotely would be fine, and we have a formal meeting set up for Monday morning.  TCOB!

We also bought our plane tickets for a visit in August.  Hopefully MB will have some interviews set up for that time, and we’ll look at apartments.  Hopefully we’ll have both a job for MB and an apartment by the end of our visit, but at least an apartment.  And also hopefully by then I’ll know if working remotely is a go or no-go.

Last weekend I entered the final edits to my memoir.  As I post sections I’ll probably edit a little more, but just honing – the structure should be all set.  I’m staggering the posts a little more now because I want to get the whole book on Scribd and available for purchase about mid-way through my posts.  So it’ll be, “You can keep reading once a week for free, or you can buy the whole thing now for $2.”  I also changed the template again! It’s back to how it originally was.  I found myself getting mixed up between this and the writing blog.  I know the look should be the same, but I thought slightly different would be okay.

Crap! I still have my assignments to do for the London class, a journal and a paper on a specific topic.  They’re due mid-August, but I want to get them done soon.  I can pull a lot from this blog for the journal, as well as from my notes.  As for the paper, I have to pick a topic – I have a few ideas – and do a literature assessment.  I’m so not in the mood for it.


  1. i really really like the look of the memoir pages and was actually sad when you changed it all to be uniform with the blog look.