Yesterday I met with my boss about the possibility of working remotely

I made my case, and he said that while he has no doubt that I’d be able to do the work from California, his concern is about my career growth, which is something MB had mentioned, that working off-site might make my job very task-oriented – which to tell the truth, it kind of already is.  My boss said he’s going to talk to a few people, and I should have an answer by the end of the week.

We also finally booked our hotel.  I had gotten to a point that I was doing so much research that I was paralyzed.  MB helped me last night, and ended up picking the one I had originally picked in the first place.  But he’d have been happy with whatever I chose.  “If I relinquish responsibility,” he said, “I have to be fine with whatever your decision is.”

This is just how a I feel – with freedom of responsibility comes acceptance of whatever the other person decides.  But other people don’t feel this way.  I’ve been burdened with the responsibility of handling something, then being criticized for my choice afterwards.  I’d even go to this individual for feedback during the decision process, only to be met with annoyance.

Anyway, our hotel is in Japantown and is reasonable at $101 a night for a “renovated king” with free wireless.  Other nicer hotels were $150 and above, and there were some B&Bs for $80-$120 but I am not sure I’m a B&B person.  Also, there was one super cheap place – about $60 a night – that was highly rated on TripAdvisor.  Why is it so cheap?  Shared bathroom!  I had to dig through the reviews to find that tidbit.

I read reviews that the rooms at our choice are small, but what do we care.  As long as they’re clean.  Plus I can use my Amex points there, which ends up paying for more than half.  That means around $200 for four nights, or around $50 a night.  Woohoo!  My cheap Chinese blood is happy.

After we (hopefully) move, I want to go down to L.A. and see my grandmother.  According to my brother and mother, she has really changed in the last few years.  When before she was fat and vivacious, with perfectly coifed jet black (dyed) hair, make up, and jewelery, now she’s a bag of bones who doesn’t speak.  She’s had a series of strokes over the years, which before just slurred her speech, but now she can’t talk at all.  Plus she has let her hair go white.  That for some reason makes me saddest of all.

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  1. Ok you have to go to Kabuki Springs and get a massage and Japanese bath if you are staying all the way out there :)