What I *will* miss about New York: Spoonbread

Last week YP and I had dinner, and he asked me where I wanted to eat one last time (at least for a while) before heading out west.  I immediately thought, Spoonbread.

Although I went to college in the area, I never heard of Spoonbread.  It wasn’t till YP took me there two years ago that I was introduced to its delectable Southern eats.  Just a few days later, I met MB and found out that Spoonbread was also one of his favorite restaurants from when he lived on the Upper West Side.  That, and his cuteness, helped seal the deal.

Whenever I go, I can’t seem to stray from my favorite: Uncle CL’s Short Ribs of Beef, cooked what better way than “falling off the bone.”

While still delicious, the portion seems to have gotten smaller over the years.  The first time I had enough for two meals; now I can polish off the whole dish.  Or maybe I’m just  piggier.

The dish is a bit overpriced at $16.95, though it includes two yummy sides.  I always get the mac ‘n cheese and this time went for the spinach, while tasty left a funny feeling in my mouth as spinach sometimes does.  Perhaps I should have given into my desires and had mac ‘n cheese AND french fries, a true meat/cheese/carb fest.

Of course no Spoonbread meal is complete without their famous Spoonbread Punch.

Described as “with fruit juices,” it seems to be an iced tea/fruit juice concoction.  Tart and not too sweet, it’s a refreshing companion to the hearty Southern fare.

And finally, to top off a nearly perfect meal, dessert!

My choice that night was the red velvet cake, irresistible with its cream cheese frosting, though their peach cobbler, heated up, is always tempting as well.

The only downside to Spoonbread is the slow service and the attitude, at least from the waiter who kinda looks like Lafayette from True Blood, though he makes up for it with a booty you could bounce quarters off of.  Our server this time was very nice, but took forever to bring water as well as dessert, which presumably should be fastest since all they have to do is slice the cake.

But it’s a small price to pay for a little piece of New York that I’ll miss a lot.

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