I see a pattern here

My San Francisco time has become far less exciting now that I’ve fallen into a pattern of days of writing broken up with errands and working out.

Last week I went to Japantown a couple of times.  I always think I’m going to find lots of groceries I want, but I never really do.  If I want all the Pocky and seaweed snacks in the world, then I’m set.  But I’ve yet to find something like M2M and their great wall of instant noodles.

Ah, M2M, how I miss thee.

Ah, M2M, how I miss thee.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Chinatown looking for a good grocery store, but couldn’t really find one.  There are tons of markets, but they were all sort of, well, gross.  But I only looked on Stockton Street.  If anyone knows of a good (clean) supermarket in Chinatown, let me know.

Other big events last week, aside from my trip out to Haight Street, included eating lunch with MB (we like to get Japanese curry from Muracci’s), taking myself out to lunch at my favorite crepe place, Honey Honey, and buying a blanket.  In our sublet we have a down comforter, which is way too warm.  Hence, the blanket.

I went to the gym three times, and ran outside once.  There are two routes I’ve come to like.  Both start on Van Ness and head towards the water.  One path leads me to the Fort Mason Center and this very steep hill; the other goes down Bay Street and to the Marina, towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  I want to build up my endurance to reach the Bridge and back, which would be over six miles.  When I was running a lot in Central Park, I easily did the six-mile loop, but I’m out of practice.

This weekend MB and I spent a lot of time in the apartment working.  It’s good when he’s here because then I’m apt to work more.  On my own, I get cabin fever faster.  Saturday night we went to a party his workplace was hosting.  It wasn’t too exciting, but fun to talk to new people.  Also, it was my first time watching people play Rock Band. I can see how it’s addicting.

Afterwards, MB and I saw Astro Boy. It starts off incredibly boring, but turns out mildly entertaining.  There were some noisy kids in the audience, but that didn’t bother me since it wasn’t like I was missing some riveting dialogue.

Yesterday we took a break by walking out to Office Depot in Union Square.  I don’t really have a good work area set up.  The coffee table is too low, and the desk is tiny and flimsy.  The kitchen table isn’t bad, but I also want something like a simple folding table, basically a TV dinner tray, that I can put away while I’m not using it.  I also want to invest in a printer.  I’m kinda old school and like working off hard copies when I’m revising, and printing at FedEx Kinko’s all the time will add up.

That’s a long way of saying Office Depot was closed when we got there.  Closed on Sunday!  But people shop on Sundays!  We weren’t the only ones to stop there and be surprised.

Apropos of nothing, last weekend we went to this cafe to hang out, and the barista was the worst.  He served up our order just fine, but he talked constantly in this loud, game show host voice.  “Hi, and how are you folks today! What can I get for you! While you’re deciding, let me tell you about today’s prizes. . .a brand new car!!!”  The couple next to us were totally annoyed as well.

I’ve gotten a lot of work done.  For my memoir I’ve entered the revisions for parts one through three.  Today I expect to finish four and five, which leaves me the rest of this week to do a final (fingers crossed) polishing before submitting to a contest that’s due on the 31st.  I’ve written four essays, which need revision.

As for errands this week, I need to return some jeans (thought I liked them; don’t) and possibly look for an aviator cap.  If we go out for Halloween, I may go as Amelia Earhart.  I got a bomber jacket for pretty cheap, and I think I can get away with clothes I already have for the rest, especially if I’m able to find an aviator cap.  Haight Street seems to be the place to look for something like that.  Too bad I didn’t think of it while I was there.

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  1. i was very dismissive of rock band before i played it myself, and then realized that it is so incredibly addictive.

    good luck with the revisions & the contest!