Between NaNoWriMo and feeling a bit under the weather last week, I didn’t get out of the house much.  I didn’t even get to the gym!  But by the weekend, I was feeling better so MB and I made sure to get out of the house.

Saturday afternoon we went to Wicked Grounds, cafe by day, S&M dungeon by night, supposedly.   There’s artwork up of people in various (tasteful, if there’s such a thing) bondage positions, and some evenings they have events like “bring your human pet night” and “steam powered vibrator demos” (I can’t imagine how that works).

As a cafe it was pretty nice.  There were lots of tables, and the chairs were super comfy, opulent and nicely cushioned, though I’m sure a bitch to clean.  The menu is rather limited though that may be because they only opened in September.  Regardless, my steamed hazelnut milk was tasty.

Inevitably some of the clientele was annoying.  When we came in, there was this couple at the counter, a kind of dumpy guy way too old to be wearing a backwards baseball cap, and his half-Asian girlfriend with her standard issue hipster-girl glasses and, get this, cat ears.  Why was she wearing cat ears?  Halloween is over!

I wouldn’t have cared about them except the girl gave us a very weird look when we walked in, like, What are you doing here? and then was hanging all over her boyfriend at the counter, getting in the way of other customers (like me).

Then later I felt like they kept staring at us, but all they wanted were the ropes hanging off our table.  She came over and took one without asking (how did she know we wouldn’t want to use them?), and then the guy showed her how to tie knots for the rest of the afternoon.

Also, the boyfriend made it very clear that he was chummy with the proprietress – who was super nice by the way – making comments and talking very loudly to her while she tried to work.  Yeah, yeah, you’re an insider, we get it.  Now STFU.

On Sunday we went to MB’s co-worker’s house warming party in the Haight-Ashbury area.  It seems to be mostly residential, except of course for Haight Street itself.  MB’s co-worker has a very cute apartment, nice and big with hardwood floors and good light.  It’s cool to see what places are like in other parts of town, though that would be a bit far for MB to get to work.

After the party, we walked on Haight Street a little.  It definitely has a different feel at night.  During the day, there are tons of tourists, but in the evening, all the druggy scrubby kids and weirdos come out.  There were people singing on street corners and the smell of pot everywhere.  I don’t think it’s that great.  I love street musicians but ones who are actually good, not some stinky kid pretending to be homeless while Mom and Dad sit at home in Palo Alto.  And if you’re white, you should not wear dreadlocks.  You really really shouldn’t.

We thought about eating in the area, but the only place we wanted to go, the Pork Store, was closed, so we just headed home instead.

Since next week is Thanksgiving, I’ll have to work double time this week with NaNoWriMo.  My book is moving forward though I’m not sure if it’s any good.  Trying not to think about that right now.

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