Literary blogging + random update

I’ve written before about The Nervous Breakdown, a great literary blog which I first heard about from one of my former writing teachers. Well, now I’m one of their authors! Read my first post, in honor of my grandmother.

In other news, I’ve had two lazy and two productive days this week.  Monday wasn’t too bad.  I finished NaNoWriMo, did some laundry, and started the “Puo-puo” essay.  Tuesday I didn’t get out of my pajamas till three in the afternoon.  Before that I did do another load of laundry and more writing, but I still felt amazingly lazy.  I only left to go to the gym.  Then I watched too much TV.

I have to remember that television is the bane of my existence.  I should only watch worthwhile things, and if nothing worthwhile is on, read if I’m too tired to write.

Wednesday I wrote in the morning, then left at noon to eat lunch at Honey Honey and do a couple of hours of work there.  Afterwards I did some “research” at Sephora for my next mini-article, which is on cleansing milks.  Lemme tell ya: $30 wasted.  Cleansing milks are only good if you have dry skin, not combination skin like me.  I tried it this morning, and by the afternoon, my face felt like an oil slick.

After my research, I hit the gym.  Trying to go more regularly now to jian fei, as the Chinese say, literally “cut the fat.”

Today I was awake at 7:30.  For some reason, MB was up at 7.  It was good: got some writing done, then hit the gym at 10.  I was meeting my SF pal at two at Bittersweet (on Fillmore Street) so I knew I needed to get a workout in early.  Hanging out was fun as usual.  I didn’t spill a cup of water on my computer this time, if only because I didn’t bring my computer.

Tonight, aside from rerun of The Office, I haven’t watched much TV, though now I’m tempted.

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