The Road

the-road-movie-posterLast night MB and I saw The Road.  We both really liked it.  The pacing was slow – which was fitting for the plot – but gripping.  I was constantly tense and wondering what was going to happen next.

Even when I left to use the ladies’ room, I was on edge: I saw in the mirror the door of the stall I just was in swing shut and thought, What was that?  And jumped into defense position.  Haha, not.  I don’t even know what “defense position” is.

A few other thoughts:

The movie was a realistic portrayal of people in a post-apocalyptic world. How would I know, right?  But unlike other end of world movies, the people in this one aren’t necessarily bad ass.  They don’t automatically know how to use weapons or fight.  They’re not suspiciously well-groomed.  After years of no moisturizer, SPF, or toothpaste, your skin and teeth are going to be fucked up, and fucked up they were.

I don’t know if I’d survive. I kept thinking about this throughout the whole movie.  Would I make it?  What would I do?  I’m hungry right now because I haven’t had dinner – what if it was days and days since I last ate?  How could I sleep?

MB might have a better chance of surviving.  He knows martial arts, was in the military, and has lived in some harsh conditions.  I thought if we were together in such a world, I’d have him train me every day.  There’s no way I’d venture into a dark basement or tunnel completely defenseless.

The overabundance of our world is so strange in comparison. After the movie, we went to Whole Foods to pick up food for dinner.  I know I was just in a movie for a couple of hours, not in war-torn Afghanistan, but I was still conscious of how much beautiful food there was.

I’d like to think I’d surprise myself with my bravery, that I’d be a good scavenger who wouldn’t resort to cannibalism and cruelty.  But I guess that’s what makes the movie both good and disturbing.  Those people probably thought the same thing.


  1. Had you read the book before? I absolutely loved the book, haven’t seen the movie yet.

  2. I love this style of book and it takes the movie coming out and people blogging about it for me to learn of it. Yours isn’t the only review that has made me quite terrified of watching the movie (I like seeing pretty things as the ugly images can really stick in my head).

  3. sitcomgirl: no, i haven’t read the book. i’ve heard people really love it.

    wyn: yeah, the movie is definitely pretty bleak, and does leave a lasting impression.