I’ve been working on a few small projects for this blog and the writing one.


Now that I’m publishing a bit more, I’ve organized my pieces by category.  You can find all my Nervous Breakdown posts under Personal essays (as well as older works). My published and/or recognized fiction and children’s books are included too.

I love organizing shit!


I’ve tried so many different restaurants here in San Francisco, I thought it’d be fun and useful to create a page summarizing them all.  It’s a bit obsessive, but that’s how I roll.

I thought it might be good for anyone visiting the area, though where I’ve eaten is very particular to location (ie, near my abode).  Of course I still need to try Ti Couz for crepes and The Pork Store for breakfast or whatever.

I plan on updating the page regularly.  You can find it to the right under Amusements.

Movies & Books

Under Amusements, you’ll also find What I’ve Been Watching, which is just a list of films I’ve seen (I also like keeping track of stuff), once in a while with a review.  What I’m Reading Now is a list of books.  It began as a way to make sure I was reading at least one book a month, and now it’s just another obsessive thing.

Speaking of books, I’ve barely made a dent in the BBC 100 Books list.  It took me three months to read the Lord of the Rings triology, which is listed as just one item on the list.  They’re great stories but for some reason I took a long time to slog through them.

Now I’ve given myself a break and am reading Little Women, which I’m sure I’ll be done with soon.  After that, I dunno: Midnight’s Children?  The Godfather?  The Stand?  So many choices.


  1. Brilliant ideas. I don’t write about every book I read, either, so am inspired now to create a page that will keep track. When you’ve got the webspace, you don’t need to have the outside account subscription. However, there’s more community activity elsewhere so I find it difficult to let go of, say, where I’m subscribed.

  2. i haven’t tried LibraryThing, but i can see the appeal of online book community.