What I hate about yoga

As some of you may know, I’ve started taking yoga.  It’s been about a month now, and I think it’s really made a difference.  My flexibility is better, and my arms and upper body look and feel more toned.

I feel myself improving from class to class.  Earlier this week we were doing that thing where you’re standing on one foot with the other leg up in the air behind you and your arms out front.  I can do it, but usually I’m wobbly.  Suddenly, this time I thought, The balance isn’t in my foot, it’s in my middle.  I tightened up my core and was able to get my body even straighter.

But of course there are still some things about yoga that I find annoying.

People’s feet. I don’t like looking at people’s bare feet, unless we’re at the beach, and this includes my own.  I don’t know why.  I just get skeeved seeing them positioned and pointed, especially guys’.  During class of course I don’t notice it, just before we’re about to start.

Yes, I know I’m a freak.

Show-offs. Before class even starts, I’m going to start doing yoga.  Or during a pose, I’m going to do EXTRA.  See how flexible I am?   See how I can balance?

There was one woman earlier this week who was a yoga MASTER.  I just copied what she did.  But did she show off?  Nope.  Before class started, she was reading/writing, and she did the poses exactly as the teacher said.  Just because you’re good doesn’t mean you have to show off.

People’s cell phones going off. Not that I’m all spiritual, but if it’s quiet and you’re relaxed and trying to focus, that’s the last thing you want to hear.

Seeing my chubby albino legs in the mirror. Gah, I’m blinded!  This is why I’ve started wearing pants.

My hyperextending elbows. What was a parlor trick, I now know is a freak show.  I have to remember to not hyperextend as we do the warrior pose or the triangle, although I’m sure people aren’t paying attention to me at all.

Today I may try a second round.  Usually I just go once a week, but I feel like I’ve recovered from Tuesday.

Lately I’ve been lessening the intensity of my cardio workouts.  MB suggested a change in routine might jump start my body.  I used to do five days of cardio – four miles on Monday and Tuesday, elliptical on Wednesday, four miles on Thursday and Friday – but I’ve been doing that for years, and I think my body hit a rut.

Now I’m trying:

    Monday – run 3 or 4 miles; light weight training for arms
    Tuesday – run 3 or 4 miles; one hour of yoga
    Wednesday – 40 minutes of elliptical
    Thursday – rest; or possibly yoga; no cardio
    Friday – long cardio session (run 5 to 7 miles)

Eventually, that’ll become too routine as well, and I’ll have to change things up again.  I think that’s the trick – variety.


  1. Don’t change the routine without reason. Variety is good, but there should be some schedule. I try to organize workouts by a three month cycle…that way you get four different full routines within the year, and you’ll reap the benefits of the planned routine from strength adaptation.

  2. Initially, I poo-poo’ed on Yoga for being too soft (psshh, that’s not even working out), but then I tried it and quit because it was too hard for my inflexible hamstrings.

    I’ve never taken it seriously that I can’t touch my toes, but then this week at frisbee, I think I strained my left hamstring … and now I think I’m getting too old to just trust I won’t get injured and actually go do some yoga to get more flexible …

    and ugh, I hate show-offs, especially the passive aggressive ones (I won’t say anything and draw attention to myself, but I’m just gonna exaggerate the little bit extra I’m doing and hope everybody sees how great, and humble, I am)

  3. This is why I do yoga at home.

    As for the cycle and mixing it up, whatever works for you and whatever keeps you motivated. If you are training for a race, then the variety probably isn’t best and you need sports specific training. But for fitness, mix it up.

    • unfortunately when i do yoga myself at home, i don’t push myself hard enough.

      i’m not training for a race right now. mostly i want to lose a few pounds and get toned. the weight’s not as easy to keep off now that i’m beyond 35 (!). but changing it up seems to be working. my jeans feel big today!

  4. The cell phones are inexcusable. People, you’re not that important.

  5. My girlfriends have been bugging me over the past week to go to yoga with them but I’m too afraid… and a little broke. I’m hoping I’ll eventually be able to make it to that point though.

  6. you know, i’ve been thinking about taking up something lately… yoga just seems so… gah. i’ve tried it many, many times before and just wound up feeling sleepy! :-)

    i’m so impressed that you run. my ex is a canadian national-class runner and i know it’s no easy feat! good for you!

    i need to get active though. the thigh-rub i’ve developed lately does not do it for me…