Still dizzy

I’m still dealing with the vertigo.  I haven’t had any bouts of it today, but I’m worn out from last night’s “treatment.”

I tried doing the Epely Maneuver on my own, and succeeded in inducing vertigo as well as nausea.  MB had me do it again so that he could see if my eyes did the crazy movement indicative of BPPV.  At first I had very little vertigo, but then I rolled my eyes up, and I had another spell.

I HATE that spinning, car sick feeling.  Imagine car sickness but a hundred times worse because you can always get out of the car.  I can’t get out of my head.  Of course I couldn’t keep anything down after that.

I felt nauseous for hours afterward.  I took some motion sickness medicine, but could barely keep it down.  It did finally kick in around two or three AM.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well.  The meds made me both drowsy and anxious, and I had to stay upright, at about a 45 degree angle.  That wasn’t so bad, but I’m used to sleeping on my side.

Didn’t help that the woman downstairs – the loud sex woman whom I had thought was above us – played techno music till 5:30 AM.  She only turned it off because MB went downstairs and knocked on her door.  She seems like a bit of a kook.  She is either not at home for days, having very loud sex, sobbing at the top of her lungs, or playing said loud techno music.

Today was sucky because I couldn’t do my usual stuff.  Barely any writing, no yoga, no running.  I’m going to have to lay off the yoga for quite some time.  I found some more info on the trusty internet that said some yoga positions can trigger BPPV.

I applied for a job though.  Communications coordinator.  I’m probably overqualified, but that’s what I want, something easy.  Plus not having insurance sucks.

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