Take a gelato, some flowers, and Coco, and call me in the morning

I’ve been trying to be active this week despite my vertigo, which seems to be improving by the way.  I went to the gym a few times – though I did much lighter workouts – and have continued to do the exercises we found online.  While earlier in the week, the exercises would induce vertigo (which is normal), yesterday and this morning, they didn’t at all.  I still feel woozy most of time, as though I’m getting over the flu, but I definitely feel better.

Just in time for my insurance to get approved!  Even though I’m feeling better, I’m still going to see a doctor, just in case.  I’m starting to think it was actually a sinus infection.  I felt a lot of sinus pressure this week, which also explains my general icky feeling.

Walking around and being active definitely helps.  On Wednesday, I met SCG for gelato in the Ferry Building.  It was a very nice walk and fun to hang out.  Yesterday I went with another SF pal to see the Bouquets to Art exhibit at the de Young.  Apparently it’s a big yearly event and lasts only four days since the flowers die.

My friend suggested getting there early, a great idea since by noon it was packed with every old lady from the Bay Area.  The floral pieces were mostly pretty cool.  Some were impressionistic, some were too literal for my taste.  And there were TONS.  By the time we worked our way down to the first floor, we were both sort of pooped.

We popped into the Japanese Tea Garden afterward, where we got some delicious tea and I got a Spam musubi, which if you don’t already know is fried Spam on rice wrapped in seaweed, basically a Spam roll.  It was so freaking good.

Last night MB and I saw Conan O’Brien perform.  It was pretty entertaining, basically like one of his late night shows but on steroids and without talking to celebrity guests.  I mean, he did have famous guests, including Reggie Watts (whom MB loves) and Chris Isaak.

It ended at 11, and we were both already tired.  Luckily the show was at the Nob Hill Masonic Center, which is just a few blocks from our place.

Today needs to be a “work” day – gym in a little while, then writing all afternoon.

I’m still waiting to hear from a couple of jobs I applied for, while on Wednesday I got the quickest rejection ever.  Applied in the morning, rejected by mid-afternoon.  At least they’re efficient.

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  1. I don’t know who Reggie Watts is, but I do LOVE Chris Isaak, he’s just so funny! And hot in a weird way.