100 Awesome Things: My Rip-Off Version

Ecrivain pointed me to the site, 1000 Awesome Things, and it’s, you guessed it, awesome.  So I’ve decided to rip them off and do my own version, hopefully on a weekly basis, and hopefully I won’t repeat stuff from the original list.

#1000: Falling asleep while reading.

I love to sleep and I love to read.  What better combo than to drop off with a book against my chest?

I also love that feeling of being so tired, I can’t get my eyes open.  It makes me feel healthy.  Unhealthy = insomnia from too much caffeine or not enough exercise.  I feel balanced when I involuntarily go unconscious at a reasonable hour.

When I was a kid I had a long bout of insomnia.  Since then I hate not being able to sleep.  I don’t get too anxious about it now, but feeling wide awake at midnight doesn’t feel natural to me.

Drifting off while reading during the day isn’t the same.  No naps!  They’re as bad as caffeine after 12 PM for me.

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