A quick post before work

I don’t have anything too intelligent to say, except that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with our upcoming LA trip and my parents’ visiting next week.

I mean, it’s not like I have that much to do, but now that I’m working, even just those few days a week, I feel like I have a lot less time.

But I’ve accomplished just about everything:

  • dresses bought
  • shoes, already have ’em
  • accessories, already have ’em
  • hair cut
  • library books renewed

Of course we already have our plane tickets and hotel reservation.

So why the overwhelmed feeling?  I guess I’m used to having a lot more time to myself.  Plus over the weekend I figured out what I want to write this month, and it’s kind of a lot.

A long essay for a contest that’s due July 1. It’s mostly excerpted from my memoir, so it’s a matter of putting those excerpts in the right order, with the right transitions, which I think is sometimes harder than writing an essay from scratch.

At least one post for The Nervous Breakdown. Originally I was going to post the excerpts that are now going into the long essay.  So I’ll have to write something new, which is better anyway.  I wrote a draft of something this past week.  It’s sort of all over the place right now, but I think I can cull one or two essays from it.

An essay I owe to a magazine I’ve written for before. They’re not strict about deadlines, but I want to turn it in this month.

An submission for another literary journal. Reading period ends August 31 so I have plenty of time for that, but I’d like to get started this month, if possible.

A bunch of dinky how to articles. Part of me says I should stop doing these, but I actually kind of enjoy them, if the topic isn’t too nonsensical and if someone else hasn’t already written about the topic.  Plus it’s a guaranteed payment.

Whew!  Obviously I’m bringing my computer to LA.  Friday night there’s a rehearsal dinner, but the wedding the next day doesn’t start till four, so we have the whole day.  We’ll just be at the hotel, but MB and I are very good at occupying ourselves.

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  1. Although it sounds a bit overwhelming, i’m glad you’re living your dreams. Many say they want to do that but often retreat when faced with the hard work and challenges.