Feeling much better

I don’t want to speak too soon, but the vertigo seems to be going away.

Yesterday I felt pretty crummy: light-headed, groggy (though that may have been the motion sickness meds), and a little nauseous.  But then I did my therapy, which usually brings on several bouts of vertigo (necessary in order to be rid of it) but I didn’t experience any.  Maybe just the tiniest bit of nystagmus.  I slept semi-inclined, just in case, and this morning, while still groggier than usual, I felt much better.

My plan is to keep doing my therapy for at least a week, sleep semi-inclined for one or two more nights, and see the doctor on Friday.  He may or may not know anything about BPPV, but at least I should just get myself checked out.  I’m not taking any meds though, that’s for sure.

I was surprisingly productive yesterday, despite not feeling well.

  • I wrote a draft for my next Frisky article.  It’s too long and meanders, but at least I have something on paper.
  • I bought groceries and much-needed TP.
  • I did a load of laundry.
  • I wrote a draft for my next Nervous Breakdown post.  Suddenly inspired while I was, of all things, folding laundry, I jammed out the piece in under a couple of hours.  When you’re inspired, you’re inspired.

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