Doctor’s appointment done

It was far less painful than I was expecting.  My doctor is an older guy who looks a little bit like Henry Kissinger and has a Russian accent.  Unlike my physician in New York, he was totally focused on me and took a lot of time asking me questions.  My old doc would take phone calls from other patients at the same time as my appointment.  She was very nice and thorough, but always distracted and disorganized.

While my new doc didn’t do the Epley maneuver to diagnose my vertigo (which is basically gone now anyway), he was able to conclude from what I told him that it was probably due to a sinus infection or even allergies.  He looked at my throat and said it was a bit irritated.

To be safe, he’ll do a bunch of a blood tests to rule out anything more serious, and also prescribed some meclizine, basically prescription strength motion sickness medication.  He could tell I wasn’t too happy about that, and said just to take half a tab if my wooziness was really bad.  He also gave me a scrip for Allegra, in case my allergies act up.

He’s right that I don’t want to take meds, that they only mask the symptoms, but actually it might be good to have them just in case my dizziness gets really bad.  He also said he’d write me a referral if I wanted to go to a vertigo clinic or whatever.

Now I just have to schedule an appointment to do a fasting blood test, get my scrips filled, and go to the follow-up appointment a few weeks from now.  It’s all good because I’m due for a physical anyway, and I got assurance that the vertigo is probably due to a sinus problem, which is what I thought anyway.

It’s kind of nice not working on a Friday. MB, who decided to work from home, and I had lunch at the Little Skillet – delicious fried chicken, french fries, and biscuit! Now we’re at the Creamery near the Cal Train station. I’m having the best mocha. Strong and not too sweet. I probably won’t sleep till three AM.

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