NOT the weekend

I should probably stop treating non-office days like the weekend.

Today I:

  • Worked a TINY bit on an idea I want to pitch
  • Went to the gym
  • Ate lunch with MB
  • Hung out in Union Square and read
  • Got my hair cut (finally!)
  • Watched a Harry Potter mini-marathon

It’s Tuesday!  NOT Sunday!

Then again, I do work on my freelance writing at night and on the weekends.

Okay, guilty rant over.

I like my hair so much better now, by the way.  The guy – my official new hair cutter – gave me a great razor cut and bangs.  My old hair dresser seemed to think my hair would not lie the right way with bangs, and he was WRONG WRONG WRONG.  My bangs are adorable.  I had also told my old hair dresser to just go for it and cut it short, but he barely did anything, and just a few weeks later, it looked absolutely awful.

MB loves my new cut.  He says I look younger with shorter hair and bangs.  I agree that I look blah with longer hair.  Plus it’s so much easier to care for now.

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  1. Just say you were thinking about work and ideas during items 2 – 6 and all is good.