Work work work

This week I started on this project at work.  We sort of waited till the last minute to get started so I basically have the month of August to write four short books.

It’s not a lot of writing.  It’s mostly gathering information, editing it, and putting it all together, which does take time.  I was supposed to get the first 30 entries of the four books done by tomorrow, but I only got two done, with working at home on the days I wasn’t in the office.  I’ll have to take the weekend to do the other two.

I love getting paid to write!  And it’s actually nice to work on something that’s not about me.

Speaking of which, here’s another article about me! Specifically about the time I got into it with an obnoxious hipster douchette when I still lived in New York.

In cholesterol land, I’m finishing up week three.  This week I really craved bad food but resisted.  The worst are all the bad salty snacks available for free in the kitchen at work.

I decided I’m going to try to work in an hour of carido once a week.  For the four times I do hard cadio, I usually do about forty minutes, whether running or on the elliptical.  For one of those four times, I’ll try to run five or six miles, or 40 minutes running plus 20 minutes elliptical, or vice versa.

This past Tuesday I felt like I was at the gym forever.  I ran five miles, walked for five minutes, then did an hour of yoga.  I was soooo hungry afterward.

In vertigo land, I’ve decided that my allergy meds haven’t been working.  In fact, I think they make me more light-headed (which is indeed a side effect) as well as incredibly parched in the morning.  I read that ginkgo biloba might help with vertigo so I took some earlier this week.

That shit kept me up for two days.  Well, not literally, but that night I didn’t sleep well, and last night I didn’t sleep well either!  I didn’t feel jittery, but my brain felt energetic.  Last night I did eventually fall asleep and for a good amount of time, but it took me a while.

I haven’t read anything online that says ginkgo biloba will keep you up, but I guess if it improves blood flow to the brain, that goes without saying.

I haven’t taken it again.  Maybe I’ll take it tomorrow morning.

By the way, since I stopped taking my allergy meds, I’ve felt much less light-headed.  Plus I’ve been more careful about not bending my head forward when I’m on the computer, and taking more breaks.

On that note, off the computer for the night!


  1. A question and a comment if you don’t mind

    Do you run on the treadmill? I am not trying to be judgemental but if you live in SF, why run indoors?

    As for the allergies, I suffered for years. August was horrible as ragweed kicked my ass. Two years ago I started using a neti pot and I have never been better. I use it all year and it is wonderful. No bother with allergies and I breathe better all year long.

    • i know! i should totally run outside. and i did when i first moved here in the fall. the weather is so mild and the hills are amazing.

      i dunno why i stopped. i think partly i prefer running in the late morning/noon time, and the sun can get pretty strong around that time. i think that might be only excuse.