Princess Mosquito Hater

I had two more nights of insomnia earlier this week.

Monday night partly because I didn’t get up till 11 that morning, and partly maybe it was hormonal (there’s always a night or two before my period that I can’t sleep).  I fell asleep around 5 AM and dragged myself out of bed around 8:30 to go to work.

I wouldn’t have been too late, but I didn’t realize the trains run only once an hour after 10.  So I just missed the 10:07 and had to wait around for the 11:07.  The only upside was that I had time to go to the Creamery and get a delicious Americano (my coffee of choice from now on, I think).

I thought for sure I’d have no trouble sleeping Tuesday night since I was so wiped.  No such luck.  That day I had discovered a couple of new mosquito bites, and so by that evening had become completely paranoid.  Every tickle and itch was a bloodsucker, whether it really was or not.  Didn’t sleep till after 4.

Since I was so late on Tuesday, I couldn’t be late on Wednesday too so I got up at 7:30, skipped my at home breakfast and coffee, and jumped in the shower.  Missed my usual 8:44 train but caught the 9:07.  Again the upside: strong black coffee and a yummy blueberry scone from the coffee kiosk at the station.  It’s been about two months since I’ve had a fatty pastries so that scone was extra good.

In the meantime, MB had had it up to HERE with my mosquito craziness.  So after work yesterday we headed out to this camping goods store.  The original plan was just to get some good non-DEET repellant and possibly an in-room mosquito zapper (the one we ordered won’t get here for a while since apparently it’s coming in from Zimbabwe).  We didn’t find any bug zappers but we did see this:

And we went for it: mosquito netting in the house.

“Where you guys off to?” the cashier asked us.

“Uhhh, nowhere,” I said, and explained our predicament.

“I hate that!” the guy said.  Apparently it’s not a unique experience.

Well, I have to say the indoor mosquito netting experiment has been a success so far.  Even if it doesn’t actually keep pests out, mentally I feel secure.

And a little bit like a princess, which was my real motivation all along.


  1. You are a total princess!! Will MB feed you grapes in bed too?

  2. Wow, from no-blood-suckers to mosquito netting in 2 posts? I guess you have it way worse than us O_O