I keep thinking I have to do something

Last Tuesday I had to get my mom’s present.  Last Thursday I had to send my parents’ Christmas package and get out of the apartment because it was being cleaned that afternoon.  Today I keep thinking there is some errand I need to run, some place I need to be.  But there’s not!  Aside from yoga at noon.

Yesterday I started working on something that wasn’t my memoir.  Scary!  Oh yeah, I finally finished rewriting my memoir this weekend.  Spent Sunday laying it out in book template, which was fun.

Who knew all the little details that go into a book layout?  The right and left headers, making sure each section title page is on the right and that there’s a blank page after it.  Making sure the paragraph breaks are correct.  I ordered a copy, which should arrive in two weeks.  That will give me a long enough break before I go in and copy edit it one more time.  And also see if the material I added makes sense.

Today I’m working on an essay.  Next month there are two contests I want to enter.  I also want to submit to a couple of magazines.

One of my TNB friends wrote about having a series of up to 20 goals over 12 weeks.  I thought about doing it but am thinking maybe 12 weeks is too long, that maybe month by month would work for me.  Like before December is out: catch up on reading The Nervous Breakdown and post an essay for TNB.  Then for January: enter those two contests and copy edit my book. February: submit articles to two places and post another TNB essay.

And those are just writing goals.  I also need to unsnarl my health insurance mess (January), make an appointment for an annual check-up (January), sort through my tax stuff (February), talk to my friend about cover ideas for my memoir (January).

Hmm, maybe two months works, or eight weeks.  I can’t even fathom March right now.

Okay, here’s the breakdown, month by month:


  • Catch up on The Nervous Breakdown reading
  • Post one TNB essay
  • Blog at least twice a week
  • Re-start regular work outs (at least three times a week for three weeks without deviation)
  • Re-start low-fat diet habit (at least three weeks without deviation)
  • At least look at my health insurance information


  • Submit to two contests
  • Copy edit my memoir and enter the changes
  • Talk to my friend about memoir cover ideas
  • Post one piece to TNB
  • Make my annual check-up appointment
  • Make whatever phone calls I have to about my health insurance
  • Work out at least three times a week
  • Blog at least twice a week


  • Submit articles to two places
  • Organize my tax stuff
  • Make tax appointment
  • Post one piece to TNB
  • Blog at least twice a week

There! Now let’s see what happens.

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